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Show Us Your Twerk!! Ladies, Find Out How To Heat Up Your Adult Online Dating Videos

Twerking has taken the world by storm of recent; so much so that the term ‘Twerking’ has even been added to the Oxford Dictionary. Although not a completely new concept, the dance craze has been brought to the attention of the masses via places such as Youtube, and celebrities such as Miley Cyrus.

Shake That Booty

The act of twerking is actually a rather raunchy and sexy dance, and everyone loves ladies bums: so why not combine the two into a sexy video for your adult online dating profile? So, if you fancy shakin’ that ass and spicing up your next private video, then why not get cracking with these 4 steps.

Step 1 - Prepare

Preparation is everything in the world of sexy twerking. Needless to say, making sure that your bum looks good is a must. Prepare to exfoliate, baby oil, and apply bit of fake tan if needed to give your best assets that bit of a boost.

Step 2 - Dress sense

Sexy twerking for an adult video can only really be done with minimal clothing at the least. If you’re not prepared to get super sexy then you may as well just upload it to Youtube. If it’s clothing that your going for, then consider leaving your top off or wearing a short crop top to emphasize your bum. A super sexy thong or high-rise french knickers are ideal however if you really want to heat things up: leave the knickers out either with or without suspenders.

Step 3 - The Music

Music wise you’re going to need something with a bit of oomph. ‘Travis Porter,’ ‘Bring It Back’, or ‘French Montana’, ‘Pop That’ are two great music tracks to get twerking to.

Step 4 - The Dance

Here we have 2 top twerking moves for your adult online dating video.

Move 1: bend you knees thrusting your bum outwards. Move your hands in an up and down motion along with your bum to the music.

Move 2: standing on two feet, lean forward touching the ground with your hands or fingertips. Bend and straighten your legs and shake your bum as fast as you can.

We hope you like our ideas for making your own twerking adult video. If you have any twerking ideas of your own that you would like to share then leave them below.

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Speaking as someone from Yorkshire, "twerking" is something you have to do to get t'money to pay t'bills.