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Sexy Kama Sutra Positions

We’ve all heard of the Kama Sutra, a book dedicated to feeling like, as well as being sexual gods and goddesses. It contains positions that stretch the body to every leg parting angle imaginable and some that may challenge the strength of it’s participants to the point of jelly-like quaking muscles. For those that haven’t read the book or simply just those that are horny and feel like trying something new we’ve got a rundown of the top positions and chapters.

The Tigress

Well, this position is aptly described by it’s title as the lady is the fierce some leader here. The man can either lie down or sit up as his female straddles him in the opposite direction, much like ‘Reverse Cowgirl’. The woman should place one hand on her man’s chest or around his shoulder to maintain balance whilst using the other to help control her legs as she thrusts up and down with complete control over the speed and actions involved. The male can also place his hand underneath her buttocks or gently on her hips to help her stay upright.

The Ape

Another move named after a dominant and forceful animal, this one offers deep penetration but requires adequate flexibility, decent muscle strength on the female’s part and fantastic communication between both kama sutra users. The man will lay down and pull his knees up towards his chest. The lady sits on his manhood facing away from his legs, using his feet to prop her up against her back. If possible she should attempt to place some of the weight on her legs to help her man with the strain as she moves in an up and down motion.

The Proposal

This is a very loving and sensuous position, both partners kneel down on opposing knees whilst facing each other and embrace, pulling one another in to the closest of proximities.

Suspended Congress

The man will lift the woman and support her under the buttocks whilst she grips him with her inner thighs and pushes against the wall behind him for support. This will require a lot of strength on the man’s part but gives optimal pleasure for both parties so is worth it.

These positions are only a select few of many, many more! Keep your eyes peeled and maybe you will see us post some more in the near future.

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