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Sexual Fantasies and What They Say About You

Your fantasies are always with you, playing hide-and-seek with your perceived realities, whispering wild ideas into your inner ear, showing movies in your mind, stirring your passions mysteriously, yes so powerfully. If you ever feel imprisoned by your daily life your fantasies become your freedom. Your ability to fantasise is one of the greatest (and most pleasurable) talents you have.

If you ever wondered what your sexual fantasies say about you, look no further — according to experts, here’s what they might mean. Are you ready to get hot and heavy?

Just Do It

Being Dominant in the bedroom is one of the most common sexual fantasies. If you fantasise about someone begging you for attention and completely submitting themselves to your whims and fancies in the bedroom – you secretly desire control in real life too. According to research, it’s usually people who are easygoing in real life who wish to dominate behind closed doors.

Your Wish is My Command

Does an experienced master or mistress overpowering you in bed in a pleasurable way, excite you? Even though some people find whips and chains revolting, there are many who find submission quite enticing in the bedroom. Having a submissive sexual fantasy means that you might have some control issues. In one study, socially dominant people reported enjoying fantasies of submission more than others, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it—it can be liberating to give up power.

Check Me Out

Videotaping your makeout session, or just having sex on the beach – the idea of getting caught thrills you and totally turns you on. If you’re dreaming about making a performance out of your passionate love-making, then you’re probably an adventure junkie who is seeking an adrenaline thrill from the possibility of having sex without getting caught.

The Ideal Bed Buddy

The idea of being seduced and ravished by your version of Mr or Mrs Perfection is at the top of many people’s lists of fantasies. This could be an ex, a celebrity, a neighbour or even your current partner. Since this fantasy usually involves idealising, it may suggest that you need to spice up your sex life or that you are not satisfied with the current state of your reality. Also, if you are in a committed relationship and fantasising about someone else, it’s perfectly healthy to do so and does not mean that you would be unfaithful as many would speculate.

Strangers in the Night

Does the idea of a night of unbridled passion with a mysterious person, who you may or may not see ever again sound delicious to you? Well, you just don’t want to conform and wish to live in the moment and follow your instincts. You are probably secretly yearning to be free from responsibility and judgement, and simply desire to enjoy life the way you want to.

A Gleesome Threesome

If two guys or gals working hard to please you turns you on, then you actually desire to be fought over. It is one of the most common fantasies for both men and women and reveals how you wish to play hard to get and want people to make a real effort to win you over. Plus it’s just SO HOT, no?

Life’s a Stage

If you like donning different avatars in the bedroom, from a naughty boss to a risqué nurse - then you are creative and always wish to experiment with new things to keep life exciting. You love the anticipation that role-play tends to bring to even regular sex, and the entire construction of the fantasy is your art. You, my friend, are an artist!

Do you think sexual fantasies are a healthy part of relationships and sex? What are some of your favourite fantasies? C’mon folks- don’t be shy! Feel free to share in the comments ;-)

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I like it ,i was going to cancel my subscription but i might keep it now my that was good.Ladies read pls

yes its a reality

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so sweety and lovely ,not even wait to watch or temping to touch.

Yes ! Someday I want to have a threesome with 2 nice ladies

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May be pleaserable ,I did not have expereance about 3some.


Likely said, but impossible to go through.

So god damn tru

Hell yeah.


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Of course ease your tensions

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I love

I fantasies every hour of every day. I need a partner that likes to take turns role playing. You take turns satisfiying each other. I had a fantasy where I was wondering what it would be like switching places with the woman. So here I am giving head to this shemale and the wife walks in and catches me, I'm dressed just like a slut I have thigh high black stocking on high heels a mini leather skirt on . so this is what you being doing you slut of a man. acting like a women getting fucked in the ass, I think you want to suck mens dicks not these shemales.

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I always wanted to have a silk and satin 3some all 3 of us dressed up in satin with satin gloves on playing on satin sheets
getting each other off slowly dragging that satin over our cock. in the midway airport area


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I fantasize about my two sister in law and my wife altogether at the same time.. Just the thought of it just gets me so fucking hard... And she wonders why I like visiting her family more often than mine...

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great idea..

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My biggest fantasy has always been to watch my wife become a total ho, slut sub to a guy with a huge cock. I want to watch her get into such a primal, urgent need for his cock that she abandons all her boundaries & allow him to do things to her she won't let me.
I want her to look me in the eyes as he makes her cum like she never has before.
Strangely enough, I have a fuck buddy who does exactly that for me while her husband sits in the corner & masturbates.

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This is one strong desire I have ...

Yes. Sexual fantasies are a healthy part of life. The mind and our imagination are the most potent parts of our sexuality. I fantasise a lot....and, a few have come real. i feel sorry about the ones which remain in fantasyland. What a great time we could have...

The thought that someone has crept up on me when with my partner or even when playing on my own excites me like crazy such a turn on

More please 

The first explaination is myself down to a tee I'm extremely dominant in the bedroom who is looking for a submissive woman and outside of the bedroom i'm very chilled out.

What if I like to see my girl with another?