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Sex Games For A Spicier Sex Life

Fancy spicing up your bedroom activity with something a little more playful? Here’s our top 3 sex games!

Hot Deck

Decide on an act for each different suit for instance, hearts could be a strip tease, spades could be hand job and so forth. For each card you draw perform the relevant act for the amount of time the number on your card has given so, if 9 of spades was drawn you would give your partner a 9 second servicing and then move on to the next card. Imagine the sexual tension you could build by giving them a 3 second passionate kiss or a striptease only just long enough for them to see a bit of flesh.

Naked Twister

Ah the family favorite, with a sexy twist. Imagine reaching over for right hand yellow only to get a boob in your face, but not a clothed boob, a naked boob! Then you have to remain in that position until your partner has spun and placed their limb on their next position. This is gonna mean you and your partner getting into some pretty sexy and raunchy positions, we bet you couldn’t last a whole game without pouncing on one another!


Perhaps the world’s most popular adult rated board game, it can literally go on all night if you want it to but we doubt you will last that long without jumping each other’s bones. There’s all sorts of kinky dares and forfeits to try out on one another, just make sure you’re prepared. Get some sexy finger foods on the go, like chocolate dipped strawberries and marshmellows, some bubbly and a little sexy music to get naughty to.

Let out your fun side and play one of these games tonight, we think it’ll beat an expensive night out at a restaurant with overpriced drinks and be a hell of a lot more fun as well!

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Very much interested

preety cool write up

Is there a lady for me who is interested to play this game or am i old now?

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Yummy! Always love fun with strawberries and especially champagne.... Oh things to do with a good bubbly that will heighten any sexual encounter

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Years ago, I used to enjoy board games but now there is a different twist on it. they are not board games any more, no more throwing a six before making a move, just make the moves.... on each other!!

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