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Sex From A Porn Star's Point Of View

Porn is everywhere, there’s no getting away from that and it will most likely always be around. A lot of people try to emulate their sex lives on what they’ve seen in these adult cinematic pieces but what they don’t see is the not-so-glamorous behind the scenes where the men need to top up on viagra to keep themselves going or where a star suffers from anal prolapse after too much anal (google image search it..don’t be eating anything whilst you do). Bottom line is what you see after the cuts and necessary edits have been made to the porn movies is not realistic. Porn stars are rather open about this and have given their two cents on sex based on their varied sexual experience.

More Than A Genital Connection

Adam Glasser a.k.a. Seymore Butts has divulged his opinion to the foundations of an enviably fantastic sex life as communicating what you want with your partner/s and listening to what they want also. Even sexy starlet Lisa-Ann says the best sex she ever had was with someone she connected with, this is all about communication and feeling comfortable with someone. Without that it’s merely physical but there’s the difference between mediocre and red-hot sex, the psychological aspect.

Porn Is Plastic Sex

James Deen opened up even further about the less than real world of porn with brutal honesty that the awkward positions, long-haul sex sessions and looking fantastic during sex. (If you look not a hair out of place during sex then you’re doing it wrong!) Extremely successful Jessica Drake has created her own DVD series educating every day people on fantastic sex. During the series she gives some brilliant and advice like switching between foreplay and intercourse along keeping your clothes on for sex.

Scrub Up

Tasha Reign has a real bug-bear, uncleanliness! According to her, you don’t need to be absolutely immaculate but unsightly body hair should be removed or trimmed, all areas of the body should be thoroughly washed and for her smell is extremely important so don’t wear anything overwhelming that’s gonna have them choking as they try to get close to you but something demure that gives off a more demure but sensuous scent.

So there you have it, this advice all sounds fairly standard because porn stars are also normal people and all say the same thing - porn is not an ideal view of sex, it’s just something to help fulfill an urge now and again but never base your sex life on it.

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