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Rules of a swinging party

Just like with any party, there is rules you must adhere to when attending a swinger party. These rules bare some similarities to your standard party guidelines but with some differences also.

Be Polite

Here’s a no-brainer, introduce yourself to everyone, make small talk, take an interest in other people, standard stuff. This general rule extends further with swinging parties though, no matter how friendly you’re feeling an how hot you think someone is, ask before touching anyone! Ignore this and you’re likely to get yourself turfed out on your sorry butt. If someone gives you permission to have fun with them but then afterwards ask you to stop, you MUST stop. The previous admission is no longer valid and you must stop whatever you’re doing no matter how much you may be enjoying yourself. Failure to do so will most likely cause a big issue with the host and other attendees and you will find yourself banned from ever coming back. Also if someone says no it really means NO.

Reserve Your Place

There will most likely be invites sent out prior to a party, to which you much RSVP with enough notice so that the hosts can cater to the appropriate numbers and make the necessary preparations. Don’t expect to just turn up at the door and be invited in, if your name’s not on the list because you failed to RSVP then you’re unlikely to get in even if you were originally invited. Likewise if it’s a club that the event is being held at then you will usually need to make some prior contact to make sure that you will be able to get in on the night.

You’re Special

If you’re attending a soiree, it is NOT like any old party where to you can invite others along. Never hand out the address where the event will be taking place, this should always be kept secret. You’ve been privileged to have been selected as a guest to an event like this. The host hasn’t just sent out invites to any old person and so doesn’t want to see any old person other than those they wanted to be there in their party. Show your appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of your host’s fantastic do by bringing a gift. Whether that be some alcohol or something kinky, just like any average party it’s creator will greatly appreciate.

Dress Like You Mean It

If you were heading out to some glitzy star-studded club you’d dress the part wouldn’t you? This is no different, simply because it’s under someone’s roof, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to really impress. Often swinger parties have some themed dress code, embrace it! Then there’s the even more obvious which you should be even more vigilant about, your personal hygiene. Think about it from the person who’s going to be having sex with you’s point of view, if there’s an overgrowth of unsightly hair or your foot’s fungal infection seems to be creeping it’s way up your entire body, chances are you’re not going to have many takers. So fresh breath, shaved, washed, groomed and primped to perfection, if you can ensure all these we’re sure you will have a fantastic time as you will have plenty of volunteers. You enjoy yourself, they do and chances are you will be invited back next time.

So, get all these things spot on and have an A star time now and over and over in the future.

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Very true be patient and polite fun and clean I was lucky nude in the sauna and a lady looked at my semi erect cock and asked if she could taste it !

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Can u add me to your adventures if possible I had some good times but never had the chance to go to a party or invite I would love to tease and please

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hi i would surely like to attend one such party.....any thing like this in ahmedabad

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Never been to a party before but nice tips though.

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we love these parties and the advice you give is good for people who don't know or aren't sure how to behave at their first party xxx

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Never been to one of these party's but woul love too so how do you find a party like this and how do you get an invite add me please.

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It's really all common sense - but sadly a few people seem to be lacking in the common sense department.

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Nice tips,I will be needing it incase I want to throw a party or invited

Behave with people just like you would like them to behave towards you. Be sensible, thoughtful and understanding.

Oral hygiene is a very crucial for everyone. Bad breath or body odor is a big turn-off for partners. Shower and groom well before you leave for the party. Good cologne, perfumes or body sprays will give you the edge in the environment. The best way to enjoy the party is by freshening up as you reach there.

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add me ; I am from Delhi

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yes we love sexy nude parties.......

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i would like to go to a party in wales

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Agree n i follow it. But i find it missing in few indian couples

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Thank's for the advice.

sounds great

Would love to go to a party in Northern Ireland near larne anyone know of any?

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Is there anything happen in Suriname. Please let me know

Like That So Much......

You would think that would be common place for people to know in their daily lives let alone at a swingers party. Good advice and put in a good to the point way! Neat, clean and Pretty! Yummy!!!

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Any near darwen

Good advise...I believe this should be the first lessons of swinging.

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would you recomend any book on swaping or swinging to encouge the partner for it , book which helps us to try the swingers party in future , we are new to these kind of things . pls help us any body can comment on it . actually we need some spice in lif and want to try some new , trendy and modren stuff too .. so pls help us .

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Sound advice for all, treat others as you wish to be treated. I would like to attend such a party and then host one in the near future.

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I always keep plastic bowls of various condoms around as well. Also lube. When bringing alcohol keep it light but not too light. Its best to arrive after you have had a few drinks, then the idea is to maintain a healthy steady buzz. Don't come drunk off your ads or end up that way because ill have to ask you to leave. If you can't walk you can't give "consent" and I don't need any heat at my parties. I'm working on putting something fresh together for the near future in California so please keep yourself in the loop. We are going to try to do something big and not done before and hope to discuss our goals and planning for the future with like minded people. 

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