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Roses are Red but Violets are Shocking! - Introduction to Erotic Electro-stimulation

Electrical play, electro-stimulation, erotic electro-stim all basically mean the same thing: using electrically powered devices in safe and consensual BDSM games. It may seem like a scary notion to many people, but a somewhat safer avenue for anyone wanting to try a shockingly good sexual thrill is the violet wand.

A "violet wand" resembles a hand-held power tool with little glass bulbs sticking out of one end. When turned on, the bulb glows in a violet light, while inside the bulb sizzles and crackles (adding to the anticipation). Sweeping the glass electrodes (or any other of the wonderful accessories that come with a complete Violet Wand Kit) will cause a static discharge and sparks to jump to the skin's surface giving a zap sensation! These do not send current through the body, therefore they are safe for use anywhere [except the eyes or major nerve clusters (i.e. the top of the spine)].

Most use the Violet Wand directly. This means an electrode tube (a shaped glass, lightbulb-type apparatus) to send the arc of sparks from the Wand to the skin's surface. Another method is indirectly, which utilises a "Body Contact" device, tallowing the electrical current to pass from the Wand through the controller, thus making the entire body behave like an electrode - ooh er!

Picture it now - someone running their electrified fingers (or other body parts) over your erogenous zones… even kissing and electrified oral sex are possible! Does it make you crackle with excitement?

One of the greatest advantages of the violet wand is its accessibility. Many different designs are available on adult toy websites or in local shops around the world. They tend to come in classy and discreet cases or kits that contain the wand itself and a variety of accessories. These usually are in the form of different heads or electrodes, ranging from a light bulb adapter to differently shaped extensions for use on specific body parts or areas. Often, fingertip electrodes are included. Yay! Each kit will contain more detailed instructions and care guides. Always remember: Safety first, people!

Sound intriguing? Don’t become too addicted, it could play havoc with your electricity bill.

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Reviews and Comments

I have been an electro stimmer for 16 years. This is one of the best ways to orgasm I have cum across. You or your partner can leave you on the edge for hours if you wish. I am in it for pleasure but it can and is used for those who enjoy a bit of pain. If you upgrade your estim kit you can be remotely controller by a 'driver' from anywhere in the world or you can just let your partner do it for you. You can start off with a very basic TENS from a chemists. I am wired up now and intend to cum in about 2 hours unless I pick up a driver that wants other. One you start you will be hooked. Love it.

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