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Risky Risque

The industry of sex is expanding, rapidly. Sex toys are no exception. You can find all sorts on the market nowadays that come in all shapes, colours, sizes and cater to all peoples’ pleasures. When you’re asked to think of these sexual aides, what do you usually think of? A thick, pink, phallic-looking object? Something that vibrates faster than the quick-wash setting for your washing machine? Or maybe just plain ol’ simple handcuffs? Well, we have some rather strange examples of sexual accompaniments today. In fact, they’re just downright scary and would give most people nightmares before keeping them up with fantasies.

Submissive Servant

The Humiliator Gag System is pretty terrifying to look at. As you may have guessed from it’s name, it’s a gag for your face but it’s a pretty darn hefty looking one, with a extension at the mouth area so that attachments can be easily put on or taken off. These accessories include the likes of toilet brushes should you want to humiliate your submissive by having them clean up for you, serving trays in case you want relax with a drink whilst your sub dotes on you or even a butt plug for your servant to take you face-first.

Shocking Sex

The Fetish Fantasy Series Shock System sounds like it could be quite exciting but then you get to the bit where it uses real electric nodes to deliver it’s shock and the image advertising it displays a man with pads across his chest that closely resemble a real-life defibrillator a wee bit too much for our liking. Perhaps those with a hardcore love of the doctors ‘n’ nurses roleplay will appreciate the authenticity but they might wanna check with a real doctor or nurse before they try one of these bad boys.

You Want A Piece Of Me?

We’ve saved the best until last though..silicon body parts seem to be the new thing with feet being the most popular of the lot. Realistic looking feet that look as though they were once attached to a body gives us shivers though and makes us wonder what kind of people beside axe murderers would be able to get off on them without shuddering themselves.

When it comes to sex toys many people like to be adventurous but perhaps these examples are going just a little too far..

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