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Reading Sexual Body Language

There’s body language and then there’s sexual body language. Think you know the difference between the two? Well, there’s a lot of differences! Body language is the way you stand, look, talk and interact with others, whilst the sexual way is how you sleep with them. Many people worry that they’re not pleasuring their sexual partners, they fret over everything from how little noise they’re making to their movements. Body language is something that is completely natural to humans and is second nature, even during sex. So where do you start reading sexual body language?

Toe Curling Stuff

Ladies will generally curl their toes when they’re experiencing extreme pleasure and you may feel their grip on you tighten slightly as this increases. If you find your lady writhing and grinding against you, you know she’s getting into it and enjoying herself. Watch out for breathing rates, when we’re genuinely excited about something our heartbeats will get more rapid and thus breathing will get faster and heavier. So watch out for these biological giveaways, they’re near impossible to fake. If a woman’s breathing rate is steady and ‘normal’ after a big orgasm, chances are she’s faking it!

I Like To Move It Move It

Hips are a big giveaway, when someone is genuinely horny, natural urges should kick in and that primal instinct to thrust should kick in. So watch for their movements, are they uncontrollably and passionately moving their lower body? If so they’re probably loving whatever’s happening. The more motion, the better so if they’re fairly still and stationary then change up what you’re doing and see if their sexual body language changes then.

So there’s a few things for you to look for next time you’re getting down to it but are feeling a little unsure of your sexual abilities!

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How about the woman closing her eyes as she is experiencing great pleasure. You look into her face and see her bite her lips, she is on the doorstep to heaven!


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How about woman gripping you or biting in a distorted moment.
Thirsting her breast in your mouth.