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Peculiar Fetishes

Lots of people like PVC, some prefer a nice tight bum and there’s even those who like a good golden shower. These are very mainstream fetishes that don’t look so out place upon reading them, there are those however that will make you gasp with disbelief to the point that you have to wind your jaw back up from the floor. We’ve got a few examples for you..


Many people love their car, but not on the same level as mechaphile. Some mechaphiles can appreciate the gleam of wet metal on anything mechanical such as planes and helicopters, it’s not limited to cars.


If you are a plushophillac then you don’t get off on naked ladies or a man with buffed up mountainous pecs, no you have a thing for stuffed animals. The fantasy can sometimes include people dressed as animals also known as furries, although according to people within the plush community, furries are a totally separate genre of fetish from being attracted to cuddly toys. If you like the toys rather than the people dressed as them you are known as a plushie as opposed to a furry.

Crush fetish

This fetish involves sexual gratification from crushing or watching someone crush objects, which is generally rather innocent. The depraved side to this story is that for some disturbed individuals to find any sexual release this must be small animals or insects. There are laws against this and related videos but obviously they aren’t enforced quite as rigidly as we may like, as there are those who slip through the cracks and post their horrific turn ons to the web. Fortunately these weirdos are a minority and most people with a crush fetish genuinely just have a love of feeling non living objects break under their feet.

So, if you have a hidden fantasy and are a little weirded out after this article, chances are you’re completely normal and have not so different desires from other people, so be a little more open about your lust and maybe you’ll find someone else who feels the same as you.

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toe sucking may seem ordinary but mmm me and my buddy love it

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Lingerie and heels. Short skirts and stockings for my wife drives me crazy.wife loves dressing to impress .

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pussy eating, rimming  and face sitting