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Out of This World Sex Accessories

These rather outlandish sex toys have us scratching our heads in puzzlement. Check them out and let us know exactly what you think about or if you’ve tried them.

Animal Tail Butt Plugs

These are your standard butt plug that are inserted where the sun don’t shine, only thing is they end in a tail giving it’s wearer the appearance of having a real tail. These fairy-tale, whimsical yet creepy sexual additions come in a range of styles from colourful pony-like tails to scaly looking reptilian tails.

Prince’s Wand

Ouch! This one sounds unnecessarily painful to us. A ‘wand’ resembling a policeman’s baton which is actually a piece of body jewellery inserted into the urethra of a man’s penis. If you haven’t lost consciousness and are still with us then carry on reading.

Winter Coat Underwear

Apparently pubic hair is back in fashion, if you should be challenged at growing enough pubic hair of your own, you can now buy it. Well you can buy white knickers which sport a nice dark bush of hair design for you!

Coke Cans Underwear

An artist, Ingrid Goldbloom has fashioned a line of aluminium lingerie created by inter-weaving strips of metal from the cans. The results look cool but something that wouldn’t look out of place on Lady Gaga!


It’s something you wouldn’t really want to imagine your nan knitting this one, a crochet dildo. Just imagine it the innocent crafting hobby that you relate to old dears who like to spend their time being creative used for something not so innocent.

The Tongue Vibrator

If you’re looking for a good tonguing but don’t have a live person with a moving tongue handy, fear not for you can buy the tongue by itself in the form of a vibrator which offers the pleasure of a real tongue without actually being one. Just don’t keep it lying around where people can see it, chances are you will give them a bit of a scare!

So as you can tell, there’s some rather odd sexual accompaniments out there, maybe you even want to go out and try them yourself...

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Animal tail butt plug.... I want that in my lady

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