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Munches For Beginners

What is a munch? What happens at a munch? These are questions we shall be answering for you newbies to BDSM and everything involved with the lifestyle.

Meet, Greet And Munch!

A munch is a gathering of members of the BDSM community within a casual setting such as a restaurant or pub. The munch is usually a meeting for social purposes, to join like-minded people together and make new friends. Sometimes however, there can be an educational focus, such as welcoming new or interested people into the group and offering advice and enlightenment in a friendly environment.

Your Average Joe’s

Despite what ideas may pop into someone’s head when a BDSM get together is mentioned, its not a bunch of people clad in leather and PVC brandishing sturdy whips, in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. You may just be amazed by the people there, they’re just like everyone else, average and just wanting to have a laugh with friends. They’ll be wearing clothes you wouldn’t look twice at they’re so of the norm (well, some munches allow a certain level of dress up). Usually however it would be hard to tell a munch apart from a get together of a bunch of vanillas (non-BDSM’s), so just wear the clothing you would normally wear when going out for a few drinks and what you feel comfortable in.

Keep Your Mitts To Yourself

These get togethers carry the social normalities you’d expect from a vanilla do, perhaps even more so. Touching other people without their prior consent is strictly forbidden, even a seemingly polite physical interaction such as a hug may be taken the wrong way should you not ask the person if you may beforehand, so it’s rather important that you get this right.

Munching Mates

You will most likely make many good, lifelong friends through munches as many of the people who participate are honest, open minded human beings who just have a different way of enjoying their sex lives and take pleasure in meeting new people and making others feel comfortable and good.

So you might think twice next time you hear someone say that they’re going for a munch, perhaps maybe even ask if you could join them. After all they could just be going for a bite to eat which is almost what a munch is, just with a twist and you could find yourself in the company of fantastic people. Then again you could may find yourself in McDonalds queuing for a McChicken Sandwich.

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Im no beginner. I bet i  you squirt 5 times in half hr or less. 

I like group women

Hi I m single Male ping me longterm friendship any traveling real meet