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Lose The Extra Weight With Sex

You have that extra ten lbs and a layer of krispy kremes sitting on your belly, you don't have the money and time to flit away on gym membership. What's there to do? How about sex? It's free, fun and burns a lot more calories than you may think.

Calories Burnt Vs Fun Had

Based on an average 180lb male and 150lb female going at it for half an hour, (including ten minutes of foreplay), 100 calories can be expended. This may not sound like very much but it's the physical equivalent of a half hour session on a stationary bike or the calories taken in by eating a two-finger KitKat or bag of Maltesers. If you were to consume one of these each day for a year without changing your eating habits or exertion rates you would have gained 4-5lbs. The same principle applies to your sexual sessions, except you would lose this over the course of a year by copulating at this level everyday without making any other physical effort or changing your eating habits.

Lean Mean Sexy Machine

Sex can be hard on the cardiovascular system but it also challenges the muscles you utilize during the act, so over time these muscles will strengthen having a positive effect on posture, strength and overall body tone - yet another reason to dive under the covers. Although it's not simply the hip-grinding exercise and hard graft from your muscles that will make the fat melt off you. The endorphins you gain can keep you in a happy mood and hormones on a level par, not to mention the ego boost you will receive from regular sex as you get naked in front of your partner so much more. This will probably mean you are less likely to want to head over to the corner shop and eat them out of their Cadburys fruit and nut.

Get Those 40 Winks

After that bedroom activity you will probably be a bit sleepy. Snooze away as sleep, which despite involving lying down and barely moving, is actually great for the losing the blubber. This is due to a something released as you sleep called Oxytocin, this handy little chemical helps your body's capability to drop the flab, without the slumber however Oxytocin levels drop and weight loss will be hindered so getting your forty winks every night is a must and a perk that sex can help offer.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

If you do decide to embark on your weight loss quest using bedroom action however, do be careful not to overexert or injure yourself. Yes, the harder you work out the more calories will be burnt off. Just like with any workout whether it be on a rowing machine or a dumbbell however, the possibility of injury is still very real and would most likely be another obstacle that will delay the progress you make with the goals you so desire to reach.

Even if you're not feeling up to having a full session of sex the other fun stuff still burns calories too!

Calories burnt per thirty minutes:

Heavy kissing: 40-50 calories Performing Oral Sex: 70 calories Strip Tease: 50 calories Hand Job/Fingering: 35 calories

So there you have it, sack off the unrelenting boredom pounding the treadmill provides, hop into bed with someone sexy and burn those calories baby!

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how it that fuccking this

i agree ,sex can burn calories

Well, that was a waste of time.

I know from personal experience that it not only burns calories, but it lowers blood pressure. If i have two good sex sessions a week my resting BP drops as much as 10 points both systolic and diastolic. To get a similar effect from say walk/run sessions I'd have to do 5 half hour sessions a week. The sex route is more efficient and more fun.

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