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Long Distance Sex

Not so long ago, the only means of contacting a long distance partner would have been either by landline telephone or writing to them. Fast forward a few years and we have a variety of options as technology has evolved, so have we and our relationships with it. Texting is a common staple of many couples’ relationships, loads of people Skype one another, be that just having an on-screen conversation or a full-flown video conversation. It’s not hard to see how much technology has integrated into every aspect of our lives, the love area no exception! Here’s how to take advantage of technology and make the most of a long distance relationship keeping the flame alight.

Use Your Imagination

Considering how the senses of taste, smell and touch between one another aren’t really an option for your sexy video calls or dirty phone calls, you could perhaps both try to replicate them by each setting up candles, soft sensual music and prepare some succulent food to have at hand. The imagination is a powerful tool and you really need to recruit it for your efforts to recreate a realistic passionate encounter between the two of you, just because you’re not physically in one another’s company doesn’t mean it wont feel that way in your heads, if you let it!

Practice Dirty Talking

You gotta work on your dirty talk and your confidence in your dirty talk, as silly as you may have felt speaking filth prior to your long distance circumstance it’s now a crucial part of your sex life and you need to embrace it. Dirty talk can be anything from moans and groans with a little ‘yeah baby’ thrown in here and there to you explicitly telling them how badly you want them to come and give you a good seeing to. So get creative with your dirty talk and get practicing, get some inspiration from erotic novels, porn or the internet and when you know you’re all alone just say some things to yourself in front of the mirror pretending they are in front of you. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Remote Control Orgasms

If simply seeing and hearing your lover isn’t enough then how about the closest thing to feeling them touch your sensitive areas? Try a device like the OhMiBod Remote which works with any OhMiBod massager and effectively means you can control your partner’s orgasms from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app. There’s even Bluetooth knicker inserts so that you can pleasure your other half wherever they may be, provided they’re wearing these clever gadgets in their underwear and you have access to the application.

Long distance relationships are without a doubt hard and require more effort to work than the standard close relationship but a distance between the two of you doesn’t mean that your sex life has to suffer. With a bit of practice, hard work and open mindedness you can enjoy an extremely fulfilling sex life. If it’s that good when you’re apart, imagine what it will be like when you are together!

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