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Ice-Breaking Games to Make Your Sex Party Go Off With a Bang

Do you want to spice up your swingers party with games? Don’t want to do the same meet and greet type party? Having a tipple is the easiest way to loosen up and be in the moment, and a board game which combines sexy challenges with a classic drinking game is perfect for an evening of raunchy fun. Watch everyone's inhibitions disappear as they remove clothing and get into the swing of a strictly for adults game that has daring challenges.

Here are a few ways you can break the ice at your next swingers party:

Naked Twister:

Twister is a classic game, but if you play it with a twist it becomes a sexual welcoming. What is sexier than having naked bodies wrapped over and under each other? You can even get a taste of the gamers during the game.

Sex Swing/Toys:

You don't have to break your bank to buy a sex swing. There are some that are more affordable and can make a great impression on your party. Sex last longer on the swing due to you not having to use up your energy holding yourself up. Sex toys can range from handcuffs, blindfolds, dildos, cock rings, and vibrators. Make sure to sanitise all toys before and after your parties.

Strip Poker:

A favourite at most swinger parties. Whichever player loses they have to remove a piece of clothing. A complete poker set which includes fake banknotes can be used to play a different kind of game. Instead of chips, players might agree to remove an item of clothing for each hand lost, and the winning player trades in cash for a kiss, a massage, or a more risqué favour. You'll have to practice your poker face in advance, unless you want to be the first to wind up in your birthday suit!

I Never:

Choose a punishment or action that has to be done. The game starts with one person making a statement of something they have never done. Those who have done the statement are required to participate in the punishment.

You can make the games as sexual as you like, but always consider your party guests mood and willingness to participate. If you get together with other couples for a games night, make sure everyone is committed to the activities planned. That way no one will go off in a huff when it gets down to the sexy part of the evening. Some couples decide to allow penetrative sex between members of the group, which insiders call a 'full swap', while others decide that there will only be a 'soft swap', involving non penetrative sex. Whatever your group decides on, stocking up on raunchy and exciting games is a good idea.

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Crossdressing parties can be great fun. Insist that guests arrive already dressed. Severe forfeits for any who don't, e.g. Spend all evening naked, be an animal, be auctioned off as a sex slave.
Fiona Edwards xxx

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interesting :)

great post simple and advisable... lets have a nice party

Like to join that party

Very nice n informatics post w likes strip poker games..

wow interesting,like to jion plese

Got the sex swing, poker set villa in Bali with pool and bar, pool table for strip pool , but no party guests;-)

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Serching that in our country

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Have fun enjoy follow the rules laid out then just get wild and crazy let's party 

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