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How To Dominate Your Submissive

Dominance is not just a type of power over someone else during the odd, kinky, sexual encounter, or it can be, but for some it’s a way of life. The dominant of a BDSM couple will usually be referred to as ‘Master’ when being spoken to by their sex slaves. It all sounds so tyrannical and controlling, but is there more to being a good dominant than meets the eye?

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You could be forgiven for assuming anyone who goes by term ‘master’ or the word ‘dominant’ is a controlling, power hungry fruitloop, which some dominants very well may be. On the contrary however, most masters are extremely empathic to their submissive partner’s needs and cautious not to overstep their sub’s limits.

As Nature Intended

A good dominant will not only be discreetly sensitive to their sub’s needs but also forward and brash with what they want. Their slave will get off on them acting out their primal instincts and that they’re doing this natural urges to them.

Keep ‘Em In Line

The dominant should be confident in what their boundaries are for the slave’s behaviour, if they’re pushing their luck, a little warning may suffice. If they’re being totally bratty and disrespectful however perhaps a firm and rigid punishment is what they need. The master should make it clear though where the line is so that the slave isn’t confused as to what they can and can’t do.

Should you fancy being empowered by becoming a respected and powerful master then good for you, but do keep in mind what we’ve said after all just because you possess power doesn’t mean you can abuse it. The best dominants are some of the most caring and empathic people that not only dominate their sub, but also respect and protect them.

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