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How To Be The Best Submissive You Can Be

If you’re thinking of entering a submissive dominating relationship as a submissive or are already within one and just want to better your submissive skills, read on. In this article we will discuss what it takes to be a great meek, obedient partner and how you can improve yourself.

??% Wallflower

Speak to your dom’ about what you both like as some dominants may like a sub who surrenders entirely and is seen not heard. Many however, prefer their sub to be a little playful, humorous and even occasionally for them to become the initiator, giving their master a change from the norm.

Pay Attention!

Ideally as a submissive you should pay attention to your Master’s needs and what they like. Should they praise something you have done take note for future reference and strive to up keep this good behaviour. Be attentive to what they are telling you, should they be giving you orders make sure you figure out exactly what they want you to do and follow these orders to the best of your ability.

You May Get More Than A Spank

Don’t be a brat, at least not all the time. Every now and again it should be alright to act up, as your Master may like to demonstrate their power and punish you how they see fit. Whereas if you were compliant constantly, they might miss out on feeling as authoritative as they’d like. If you should be disobedient permanently however, you may displease your master and earn a punishment you may not like so much.

Should you be a submissive looking to please your master as best you can, or the dominant with a bratty submissive and are wondering how they should really behave around you, keep in mind that a good submissive is loyal and works hard to please their master, but their master should have also have respect for them and aim for their sub’s satisfaction also for mutual respect.

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Reviews and Comments

even though i am a very sub c/d i do at times ansewer back and have to face the consequences.

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i enjoy having my partner as my master and i do push the limits and i am punish for this
my pleasure is my masters desire and i do try to be a good submissive but i also enjoy being punish
by the paddle

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Nice read :) I like be sub and this might help me please some possible masters :)

I luv bein a sub n bein hogtied so ne dim out dere m ready fr uur kinkkinky fetish

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Very sharp, enjoy you all