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Hilariously Amusing Porn Parody Titles

We’re pretty sure that the first step of the creation of a porn movie must be the conceiving of the film’s name which is usually a play on words that mocks an already existing non-porn blockbuster. Some of these titles are extremely amusing and will have any viewers in giggles from the purchase or rental of their X-rated production! Here’s some of the funniest, crudest and most sensational porn titles we could find!

Shaving Ryan’s Privates

In case you hadn’t figured this one out already it’s a clever re-arrangement of the words from taken from the Tom Hanks film Saving Private Ryan and like the original movie, features plenty of strapping men in khaki although that may be where the similarities stop!

Inspect Her Gadget

Inspector Gadget will never be the same! This horny adaption of the Disney movie features a trans woman on the cover with her ‘gadget’ out for all to see!

Throbin Wood - Prince of Beaves

Yet another entertaining name to tarnish a classical story and it’s motion picture. The timeless tale of Robin Hood is given a kinky twist with this feature!

E.T The Extra Testicle

This film promises a close encounter of the fourth kind for viewers as they’re taken on an xxx-tra terrestrial sexy viewing experience.

Raiders of the Lost Arse

Starring plenty of buff men with their *ahem* jewels on full parade, this features plenty of adventure..where no man has been before..or maybe they have.

Sex Trek:The Next Penetration

A group of Earthlings land on planet Uranus but are greeted by a bunch of bean-eating, hungry for sex female almost human beings. The crew then begins to exploit these sexual Uranus natives.

Have you watched any porn parodies with a name that tickled you?

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Reviews and Comments

have not really watched any but would not mind starring in a home movie for fun the sperminator or snow white and the seven inches spring to mind so open to offers for a laugh it may well be fun........takecare dave.....x

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Schindler's Fist

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Jurassic Poke!
When Harry e't Sally
Raider of the last parts
Lord of her Ring
Ice cubes in Alex
Full Rubber Jacket
Gimp my ride
Full mental jack-off
7 rides for 7 brothers
Rising Son
Free Willy

This game is too easy!

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No cunt tree for old men

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A fistfull of dildos - A few dildos more - Sperminator 2, directors c*nt - the cocks of Navarone - Bill & Teds sexcellant adventure - a few