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Hilarious Porn Movie Titles

Most of the most hilarious movie titles belong to adult films, here’s just a select few that have made us chuckle!

  • Starship Poopers
  • The Slutty Professor
  • Lake Flaccid
  • City of Anals
  • The Rodfather
  • Fill Bill
  • Womb Raider
  • Bush Hour
  • Fister Act
  • Mousecunt
  • Homo Alone
  • Weapons of Ass Destruction
  • Six Lays Seven Dykes
  • Done in 60 Seconds
  • Forrest Hump
  • Wankenstein
  • Girl With A Pearl Necklace
  • A Clockwork Orgy
  • The Hills Have Thighs
  • Buttman and Throbbin’
  • Fuckloose
  • Something About Hairy
  • Face Jam
  • Drill Bill
  • Humped Back at Notre Dame
  • May the Foreskin Be With You
  • Pulp Friction
  • Shanghai Poon
  • Snatch Adams
  • Jurassic Pork
  • The Cum On All Rears
  • Do you have any amusing porn movie titles that you’ve heard of? Or maybe you’ve even thought up a couple yourself?

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    Reviews and Comments

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    Throbbin Hood! - totally hilarious!!

    'Debbie does Dallas' still does it title wise for me!
    As does 'The Devil in Mrs Jones' ...... guess I'm showing my age now!

    'Through the back door'

    There was a film in the 90's called Edward dildohands.