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Handy Sex Gadgets

We’re all looking to make our lives simpler without compensating on quality of life. So here’s some handy gizmos that can help in the bedroom department.

Universal Plug Adapter

Are you always on the go? Invest in a universal plug adapter so that you can charge your sex toys no matter where in the world you are so that you’re never too horny. Unless you long for the touch of someone else’s skin however. In which case, get yourself on the site, there’s people from all around the globe looking for someone, you may just fit their bill.


If you fancy being creative whilst having a play with yourself, try this rather contemporary invention. It literally does what it says on the tin, if you have a cylindrical object to hand it will cut the end to the shape of a man’s helmet. Be it a carrot, stick, candle or sausage, we’re not sure the molecular integrity of some these items hold under the force of penetration but still it would be a great party trick!

Inflatable Bondage Chair

How about an inflatable bondage chair? You could tie up your partner or be restrained in complete comfort. The chair comes with arm and ankle restraints, so there’s no escaping for them as you pleasure an tease, all they can do is sit back and watch (or just sit back if you’ve blindfolded them.)

Pocket Pussy

For a guy who’s always on the move, he doesn’t always have the time for a lady or searching for one. So for this kinda guy, a pocket pussy is perfect, they’re realistic looking, feeling and flesh-coloured. Giving a fella the next best thing to real sex. What’s more, the pocket pussies have a special porn star range where the toys are actually modelled on real porn stars’ vaginas. So you will know what it feels like to have sex with your favourite porn star!

For something to spice things up and make life a little easier for you, try one of these handy sex gadgets.

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Check out WeVibe 3, that's A LOT of orgasms

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So I love toys, & love 2 c hubby play, how do I tell him id like 2 watch him with a pocket pussy & to say vise versa 4 me & my strap on... xx

sex swing is a must have

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love to buy a good Dildo for my girl

Love 2 have stock of sex toys & gadget available 4 all lover in Dehradun & north India.