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Guide to Getting Kinky as a Couple - We Give You Some Tips For Swinging Success

So you and your beau have decided to get a little kinky and experiment with the sexual adventure that is swinging. You’ve signed up to the site, filled out your profile and added some photos and are now looking for a way to start your journey.

How do you go about being a new swinger couple in the swinging lifestyle? Here are 7 things to help you get started.

Why Do You Want to Swing?

When you decide to get into this lifestyle, both of you should first openly communicate about why you want to swing. There are many great reasons for getting into the lifestyle, from the pleasure of shared sexual experiences beyond the norm to just simply wanting to spice up your relationship. But if you are looking for ways to mend flaws in your relationship, you will be left disappointed. For swinging as a couple to be successful, you both need to want it and for the right reasons. It can then contribute to the strong bond you already have with each other.

How Do You Want to Swing?

There are plenty of options to explore. Will you only play together or will you do your own thing? Are you looking for same room sex with other couples? Do you want to full swap (includes penetrative sex), do you want to stick to a soft swap (everything but full penetrative sex). Do your desires lay with wanting to experience a wide variety of other couples, or a relationship with another couple where you meet up regularly. Whether you want discreet meets or plan to dive in head first with swingers’ parties and cruises, the choice is totally yours. Just make sure you and your partner are both on the same page.

Ground Rules

If you are new to the lifestyle, it is very important to lay down some ground rules before you begin exploring. A prime example to consider is if one of you wants to leave a meet early, is it acceptable for the other to stay behind and carry on the fun. Other rules may include situations related to playing individually, or what happens if one of you is not really feeling a potential couple of playmates.


When you decide you want to take part in this lifestyle it is the perfect opportunity to work on your persona. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd so if you exhibit a great personality and confident demeanour, you are more likely to be approached. Make sure you depict the best version of yourself to attract lots of swinging people.

Online Chatter

The site is a great place to meet other swingers and get to know them in safety and comfort. We have a community full of people sharing similar interests as yourselves. Make sure your profile is catchy and your photos are of a good quality before you start contacting other couples.

The Meet before the Hook Up

After you have found the couples or individuals matching your criteria, you can talk to them on the phone or simply arrange a meeting. It is ideal to meet the potential swinger couples in person before setting a time to get down to business so you can see whether they look or talk the same as they did online. If you don’t feel a connection, simply move on. You should never feel obligated to do anything if it doesn’t feel right to you.

Swing Club Heaven

There are probably more swingers club in your vicinity than you would have imagined. A quick online search will help you know the exact location. A bit of online research will also help you know how to participate in such events. If you’re interested in being a part of such clubs or parties, always make sure you dress up nicely and look good. Also, try to show up on time so you don’t miss out on any fun.

If you do the above, soon you will be on the hit list of many swinging couples. Whether it’s going to a swinger party, a swingers club or indulging in private meets from the site, it can give you the most amazing moments of your life. Enjoy!

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Me and my wife fancy the idea of swinging or getting involved with other couples we just haven't taken the plunge yet

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Grate ideas thanks

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I am looking for a swingers bar in london where to find upclass posh couples. Anyone can help please? we are MMF all very attractive classy and posh pls post bars name as a reply here

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How can we go

Any couple?