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Getting You Clued Up On Practising S & M

S & M is everywhere, Rihanna sings about it and loads of people read about the fictional sadomasochistic Christan Grey as he cuffs his horny, personal slave up and makes her beg for him to take her at his feet. What is involved with S & M and are there any guidelines for engaging in it?

Know Your Limits

Something that is at an extreme level of priority when practicing s & m (short for sadomasochism), is that of excellent communication. This sexy art can be tons of fun but also requires much trust from one partner to another as, enjoyable as s & m may be, there’s always the possibility of people being hurt. We know this is the aim of the game, but there is a difference between when someone’s enjoys their pain from when they’re in discomfort. What you need to deter is the likeliness of injury or breaching any boundaries either partner may have by establishing any rules or limits prior to beginning engaging in your tantilising fun.


Should one of you feel the need to pull the plug and sharpish, invent a code word which translates that there’s something wrong or that you’re uncomfortable, the partner should completely halt what they are doing at this point, no matter how much they may be enjoying themselves. This particular word would need to be quite random, nothing too average or that is likely to be used during your dirty play so that it doesn’t go unnoticed by the other partner.

Accessorise With A Spanky Paddle

Your kinky accessories are your best friend, invest in blindfolds, handcuffs, chains, a whip, a sexy dominatrix leather catsuit or just whatever floats your boat as there are so many products on the market especially for the purpose of s & m.

Remember that s & m can be deliciously exciting hearing your partner moan with tortuous pleasure as you smack their bottom for being badly behaved as they didn’t obey your orders. With the rewarding satisfaction it brings however you must also take great care and responsibility when delving into this kinky adventure, provided you do so we think you will have lots of fun. Now the only thing to decide is which one of you is the slave and who’s in charge...?

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Reviews and Comments

I actually want to know more about this ,not so much the products but the practice of s&m as it seems a rather closed shop if you are inexperienced anybody able to help me?

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Always willing to help as unlike Gay's of days of yore....we will never be able to totally "Come Out". Shame really as we are a harmless fun loving bunch....go to any bdsm club and you will find that out. I am very open about my "fetish" and in my local it is an open book.

I agree with Scottie2012. We always get the same advice. How do we 'find' the person who wants to be dominated by a newbie? I'm in a relationship & he likes me taking control but we always end up with him wanting kisses cuddles and spooning. I'm always told I'm bossy in the bedroom & elsewhere but I want to learn more without going to a major city to learn how. How about somebody giving us the proper how to's? I understand this is probably hard for people to explain

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