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Frisky Games For A Rainy Day

Need some ideas for a rainy day that aren’t lounging on the couch with pizza and all the artery-clogging food that money can buy or lying in bed with a gruelling hangover? Here’s a few fun-filled ideas that will get your pulses racing and won’t break the bank!


This is is effectively 4 games rolled into 1 so 4 times the fun! This game explores your sexual desires and fantasies as you embark on a quest to find one another’s deepest, darkest desires and help fulfill them as best as you can using yourselves and your dirty imaginations! These nifty and kinky games include filthy charades where you act out the naughtiest sex acts and tantalising truth or dare for those that are feeling a little wild!

Dirty Deeds

This sizzling game is all about the foreplay, if you find that foreplay electrifies your sex, just wait till you get your hands on this bad boy! The game involves 4 sets of increasingly x-rated sets of cards and is erect with sexual tension and deviousness but can you reach the final pack without tearing the clothes off one another’s backs?

Foreplay in a Row

Ever remember the game Connect4? Well, we’ve got the dirty equivalent for you with this addition to our list. There’s pink and blue counters for the gal and guy respectively which are all emblazoned with sexy little treats. Match 4 of your colour in a row and your partner gives you the prizes on your counters. It’s that easy!

Poker for Lovers

Consider yourself a bit of a gambler? Well you don’t need to be a casino regular to take part in this poker match. It’s based on the traditional poker game but with a twist, instead of playing for money you’re playing for sexual deeds!

So there’s some games to get your bedroom party started or wherever you feel like getting a little rowdy really!

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i will see you and raise you my my very brief underwear.whos in?

Where do we get there games?