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Escaping A Swinger Party If It Gets A Little Uncomfortable

So you’ve been handed a golden ticket into someone’s home for a swinger party. Fantastic! However, what happens in the case that you end up feeling uncomfortable rather than having an unforgettably amazing time? The people there give you the shivers or perhaps it’s simply not cracked up to what you thought it’d be and you want to get out of there one way or another. OK you need an escape route, read on.

Be Honest

There’s the extremely obvious...tell the host that you’re not getting into the party and are going to head off. You could go off on a slight tangent from the truth and tell them you’re not feeling too well but then, what if they’re otherwise occupied in sexual entanglement? A great host wouldn’t be caught up for too long and would be free soon enough but they also want to have fun after all.


So, in the event of your host being otherwise taken and you feel a little rude literally just walking out the front door in front of everyone, what can you do? There’s the old pull-a-sicky, you’ll most likely have had enough practice with this back in school. Tell anyone that you don’t want to play with that your belly’s hurting a bit and not to go near your back-door as you had a rather lively chili-con-carne earlier. If this doesn’t deter them, pull out the big-guns of your finest acting skills. Grab your stomach, muttering something along the lines of ‘Uh-oh it’s coming’ and run like a headless chicken to the nearest bathroom. Upon leaving the toilet, should someone still fancy a go with you after all that, give them all the gory details. ‘Watch yourself, it was coming out of both ends just before’ should do it. Chances are following this, there will be no questions asked and the front door will be opened rather swiftly for you.

Oscar-Worthy Performance

If you’re wise, you will have your phone and Oscar-winning acting skills handy. Make sure it’s on complete silent mode as you’re going to look a bit of a clown having a fictitious conversation when the phone actually starts going off. Don’t be over the top, you don’t even need to say much, in fact usually the less you say the more believable it’s gonna be. So get your slightly worried face on and simply mention an emergency, they won’t ask questions.


Then there’s the stealth option, creep your way to escape if you’re really that weirded out. Excuse yourself to the bathroom but look for a way out along the way, bedroom window, bathroom window, back door etc. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything along the way because you’re really gonna look odd trying to climb back through a window or knocking on the front door when no-one had even realised you’d left.

So escaping a less than desirable party is much like how you may have gotten out of school in the past, act your way out or sneak out!

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Reviews and Comments

every party is different sooner or later , something will not tally and its not for you , at that certain party....need to go...that's right do what we have done and just fuck off....up front is what you need to be...alan& janet mysticalan

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yes it can be awkward but its best to be up front and in control. take your time when you get there and just see what is occurring as what is happening in one location can be very different to another.
we just politely make our exit with an honest reason.


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i have been to several parties. A good one is where theres no pressure and you end up talking crap in the kitchen!! never feel obligated or forced into something you feel uncomfortable. If you do feel free fuck there brains out lol

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I have been to a few swinger parties and have loved it, generally the best way is not to set an agenda but move freely and go along with what you find if you like it, if not move on and don't be afraid of saying no. One off sex is good but a good time can be a great time if you respect the boundaries. Have fun lovely ladies,

A single male being invited to a swingers party, no chance!! so lets start a group of single male and single female wanting to swing. Interested?

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Chance would be a fine thing

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Happened to me last week. I though I was invited to a 3 some, but I ended up with 4 persons (including one I know and i didnt want to see again). I'm a foreigner so most of the fun was in a language I didn't understand. A girl pushed me while I was pounding her and left to the sofa to cuddle her boyfriend (jealousy). I simply removed my condom and left shaking hands politely...

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I wanna go....

Swinger party at my house ... Interested?

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Want to swinging with some tonight at Klang!! Any one intrested?

i want a mfm 3some if pussys good and cock wonderful inm in

How can I come in contact with someone who will introduce me to a swinger party?

Go go go go...funny.interesting