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Erotic Salons

Sex Salons

There’s a class for everything these days, yoga, intermediate Mandarin or potting plants, you can learn anything for a fee. How about sex though? Surely there’s no such thing as a lesson on giving the best handjobs, the female ejaculate or live demonstrated sex tips? You’d be wrong, sex classes are springing up everywhere and yes have real people having sex in front of a class to teach them how to do it the best they can.

Be The Top Of Your Sex Class

These classes are also known as ‘sex salons’ where customers can choose from a variety of lessons for achieving and giving as much pleasure as possible during sex. Generally the classes can be quite expensive but if you want to be A* at licking balls or ride the reverse cowgirl like a pro the prices are well worth it.

It’s Like Watching Porn But It’s Real

A sex salon can be anywhere from someone’s house to the set of a porn movie. There, there’s usually at least one model for demonstration. As the teacher moves from step to step they will also demonstrate to show their students exactly what they mean so if it were a lesson on going down on a woman, there would be a half naked woman on the table at the front with her legs spread open so all can see their teacher’s licking technique.

Get Involved

The classes are also interactive, the teacher will involve all their students by asking them how they like something done or what they like to do and perhaps bring them up to the front of the class to demonstrate themselves.

My, What A Big Package

There are even package deals where you celebrate a Hen Party in style with a night in a sex salon learning the ins and outs of the likes of giving head, talking dirty or stimulating yourself using your hands.

So if you fancy enrolling and becoming a student with a filthy twist, take a shop around and find a sex salon near you.

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Reviews and Comments

dont think there is any in asia yet... but interested to know if there is any for man?

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it rather cheapens sex...to be honest its for people who confuse sex with lust,,, its the old fashioned Babylonian thought process's kicking in ...sex slavery

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can india gujarat in baroda have this sex salon?

Love to be the model

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Hey x can we get in touch

I dont like it, it seems its a fancy way to take my money and show me things i can do and learn by practice with some ppl who wants tge same, and i think involvong every body in demonstration is just having a big orgy by taking my money and there is some one telling me what to do and how to give pleasure, well its totally un acceptable by me

YES pls write to me in details.  I need. ONe urgently. 

Sounds erotic 

How can someone join this class ?

Hiw to join???