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Dogging, Planning Your Meet

The dogging lifestyle can do wonders for couples sex life and expose your partner to a different side of you.

Some believe that dogging is a cat and mouse game where voyagers keep chasing exhibitionists in public places like car parks and lay bays. This assumption is wrong. For the couples who are serious about dogging it is not a game but a well planned lifestyle.

Choosing Your Dogging Partners

Dogging couples could spend as much as 8 hours a week planning their dogging trip in the latest hot spot. One of these couples is Dot, a middle aged housewife who enjoys dogging and wife swapping with her husband over weekends. "We spend two hours each day planning our weekend sexual activities. For us the planning is like Foreplay." says Dot.

Dot and her husband do most of their planning online on adult sites. "We usually post a personal ad on Monday night inviting couples to meet up with us over the weekend", says Dot. "But we are careful with the wording", adds her husband, "we never give specifics, we only invite interested couples to email a short description about themselves and photo's to a private email that we set up."

Tuesdays and Wednesdays Dot and her husband spends looking at the email replays. They do get some reply's from weirdos that they just ignore. There are usually also a lot of desperate and horny, single men begging them for some action. Dot explains that they have never invited any single men to their activities only mature couples and single women.

After they've made a shortlist of possible candidates they email them all back on Thursday giving them the date and location. "It's also important to explain to them the rules of the location", says Dot."We don't want a bunch of people around us when we are only warming up." Each dogging spot has its own procedures a couple has to follow. Things like flash your headlights three times for action or open your car door if you don't mind others joining in.

Friday and Saturday nights is time for adult fun. Dot selects her outfits carefully, usually something sexy that allows easy access. They also come fully prepared with dogging essentials like lubricant, condoms, wet wipes, a warm jacket and breath mints.

As you can see from Dot's experience dogging can be a lot of fun, if you plan ahead. Otherwise you might just miss out on the action.

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