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Doctors and Nurses - A BDSM Lover's Dream!

Horny doctors and naughty nurses…white coats and latex gloves…shiny instruments and the sharp tang of alcohol…what a playground for the fetishist, BDSM practitioner or sexual adventurer!

In sexual roleplay a hospital or medical scene involves the sex partners assuming the roles of doctors nurses, surgeons and patients to act out specific or general medical fetishes. Medical fantasy is a genre in pornography, though the fantasy may not necessarily involve pornography or sexual activity.

Medical play often involves an intimate examination, wherein the dominant partner performs quasi-medical procedures on a, usually restrained, submissive patient.

The examination may involve handling of the genitals and breasts, or the insertion of objects into various orifices. The objects may be heated or frozen to reproduce the sensations experienced during a real medical exam. Strap-on play is a common part of this type of examination. Medical sex toys like Wartenberg wheels and speculum may enhance the examination. Temperature taking may also feature in the play with oral and rectal thermometers (make sure you don’t get these mixed up folks!).The examination may culminate with an enema or the masturbation of the submissive patient. In more extreme cases, medical play may involve the acting out of an anaesthesia fetish, piercing, skin stapling, or the insertion of urethral sounds.

Medical play may appeal to submissive partners, as it picks up on the vulnerability they feel when they're sick or hurt, bringing it into the bedroom. During medical play, submissive partners might also endure tests which may be painful or humiliating, while trusting that their doctor knows best. Dominant partners also enjoy medical play because it puts them in control of their patient's pleasure, and in some cases, their pain.

Fetishes come in all flavours. Always learn the ropes of safety before playing with medical -- or any -- devices.

If BDSM is your ‘drug’ of choice, then incorporating some deviant doctor action into your extracurricular activities promises to deliver the ultimate high!

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Most kinky profession I know


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hepl me join

Where do I find so I. Wna so desperate for plays

I am a doctor but where i will find this . 

I LOVE medical play & role play & kink, being naked, examined & even experimented on = VERY open minded & available, here on Long Ilsand

I like

Well wud like a lady doctor perform it 

Hmmmm sounds great

Would love some kink anyone interested in giving and receiving