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Dirty Talk Tips

Dirty talking can take a sex life from naught to sixty in the time it takes to utter a few provocatively constructed lines. Here’s our guide to using your tongue to get your partner all hot under the collar without even so much as licking them with it.

Dirty Talk Lite

Dirty talk doesn’t necessarily need to be absolutely filthy, a subtle style of message or spoken word can also give your partner a twinge in their underwear. Focusing on the dirtiest of the dirty can also mean that this becomes normality and boring so should be reserved for just occasional conversation. Lighter styles of naughty chat could include the likes of: ‘You look so sexy in that blouse’ or ‘I’ve got a little surprise for you to open later..I think you’ll like it’ in a sultry tone.

Build The Tension

Dirty Talk is about building up sexual tension, so the aim is to use your voice or a form of communication e.g. texting as a tool to amplify the intensity of sex. Sex involves your mind and all of the senses, so by using the sound of your voice to say sexy things to them and induce some mental imagery, you can get them even hornier and turn up the intensity of sensations that you’re both feeling. If you’re at work during the day, give them a text about what you’re going to do to them when you get home or sneak off to give them a cheeky call in the toilets to describe to them what underwear you are (or aren’t) wearing under your work clothes. Give them something to anticipate for later so that they can’t wait to get to you at the end of the day!

Play a Part

Should you not be used to saying such kinky things out loud, chances are you may feel a little silly at first but remember that much of talking dirty is about playing the role of a naughtier self. Your partner is going to find your sexy talk pretty horny no matter how filthy or cheesy you think it sounds so let your inhibitions go and enjoy it!

Talking dirty can seem very intimidating at first but as with anything, practice makes perfect and it will come naturally to you eventually. It’s very much worth giving a go when it can have such a great effect on heating up the temperature of your bedroom encounters with one another.

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Try talking dirty with your hubby and speak boldly the sex related words and for sure it will spicy sex session then after.

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Sweet I'll have to do it