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Different Types Of Rope Bondage

Just like sex positions there are many bondage positions that you can try out. There are the easy ones where you won’t need any equipment, moderate poses where you require leather straps and the advanced ones where you’ll need extensive training in the art of Japanese rope bondage. Read on to find out how to derive the maximum pleasure from this BDSM activity.

The most popular form of movement restriction during BDSM play is Bondage. Beginners to this lifestyle like to use restriction because it has a focusing effect on their partner who can’t move during intercourse. It is also a safe way to play out your victim role-play fantasies because it allows the bottom to struggle without getting hurt.

Mature members of the BDSM community appreciate restraint more for the psychological effect. The top, also called the Dom(me) or master, gets to have complete control over their partner deciding what will happen next and making all the choices of bondage positions and equipment. Having to surrender completely to another person, gives a strange sense of freedom and adrenalin to the bottom person – they can just focus on the sex and the pleasure.

Japanese Rope Bondage

Take note I’m not mentioning the word pain. This is because especially the Japanese style rope bondage (Shibari) puts the sub in a meditative state as it takes a long times. While the submissive is forced to be still, the dominant adult uses rope and knots to provide pressure on certain body parts that will cause great pleasure. There are a few books like Midori’s the ‘Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage’, that will teach you this erotic skill. There are also many bondage houses that you can visit for this service.

Shibari Rope Bondage

Where normal bondage focuses on Symmetrical positions like the ‘hogtie’, where your wrists is tied to the matching ankle behind your back, Shibari is all about Asymmetric poses like the breast harness, crotch rope and body harness. Some other popular positions is the ‘baltie’ where you knees are drawn up to the chest and wrist are bound to ankles; the spread eagle where you have to keep the limbs straight out and fastened them at wrist and ankles to an object like the bed or a door; the simple restraint – tying the hands together in front or behind with rope or leather and last the over-arm tie – take arms over the head and fasten wrists, strap tied up arms to waist.

It can take a couple of years to perfect rope bondage. If you are in a hurry to try restraint with something else like leather wrist and ankle cuffs, then visit a professional Dom(me) with your partner. They will show you all the tools of the trade and how to use them and also demonstrate the various positions. By reading our forums you can also find out about BDSM workshops that takes place in your area.

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