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Cuckolding Husbands' Golden Rules

Cuckolding Sex has got its own etiquette that Cuckold husbands, bulls and hotwives have to follow. Then there are also specific rules that a Cuckold husband will make up and expect a bull to follow.

Cuckolding Sex can be very exciting for all three parties taking part – the Bull, the hotwife and the cuckold husband who is usually on the sidelines watching. But if all three players don’t follow basic cuckolding sex etiquette, things can get ugly very quickly. In this article we are going to take a look at the set of rules that a bull should follow at all times. These rules are usually thought up by a cuckold husband who wants to protect his wife and also his own ego.

    Don’t mistake cuckolding sex for a threesome.

    For those of you that don’t know exactly what cuckolding sex is, it is not a threesome. Cuckolding sex takes place when a husband (called a cuckold) watches his wife (called a hotwife) getting fucked by another man (called a bull). He will never join in on the action, so if you are a bi-guy then it is best not to become a bull and to start making passes at the husband.

    Don’t be abusive or rude.

    The cuckolding husband may online be watching from the sidelines but he won’t tolerate any abusive or rude behaviour from the Bull towards his wife. This includes physical and verbal abuse. If you are a BULL who wants rough sex then rather hook up with adults who are into BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism)

    Don’t become obsessed and turn into a stalker.

    When you meet a cuckolding husband and his hotwife online, chances are that they won’t use their real names to protect their privacy. As a bull it is expected from you to also respect their privacy and not to search for personal information like their mobile numbers, real names, where they work and live. It sometimes happens that bulls can become obsessed with a married couple and stalk them in real life or online in chat rooms. This action will result in serious consequences for the Bull who can get a restraining order against him or lose his membership on our site.

    If you don’t have something good to say keep quiet.

    The worst type of cuckolding sex happens when a Bull complains the whole time about his sex partner, the sex positions, the bed, the lighting, the cuckolding husband watching and everything else. Just reading about the Bull complaining is already a passion killer. Insulting the hotwifes body or even worse the cuckolding husbands cock size won’t get you in their good books and you can forget about a second invitation.

    Remember you are a guest in their home.

    Cuckolding sex can take place anywhere from a motel to a 5 star hotel. Most cuckolding couples prefer to have sex in their own homes and if they trust the Bull then they’ll usually invite him over to their private residence. Just because the Cuckolding husband trusts you enough to invite you over to his house does not mean that you can behave like it’s your own house, you are after all still a guest. Under no circumstances should you go help yourself with food from the fridge, put on the cuckolding husband clothes or jump naked on the couch after sex and start playing with the Television remote.

    If you follow all of these rules and use your common sense then you’ll be a first class Bull and treated like royalty by the hotwife and her cuckolding husband.

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    Wow, you learn something new everyday.

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    looking for a couple to cuckold in Essex

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    Have to agree with the second posting here, a degree of respect and taking time to understand one another’s desires and turn-ons can be deliciously rewarding for everyone. Mutual stimulation between our ears as well as our legs certainly produced some of the most memorable, intense and exciting fun I ever shared with a lovely couple for a number of years. And like one of the other postings, he loved watching and learning of the fun his wife and I had, so our foreplay, photo fun and lovemaking often played to his enjoyment as well, creating some delicious anticipation and excitement for all of us.

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    Best part of cuckold is watching my hot wife with another man especially when he has a large endowment. Like her to have other boyfriends too but insist on hearing about all the fun they had together. Prefer to watch though.

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    so far i only had one experience & they wanted it rough & hard. they want me to hit on the wife's breast many times while we having sex. and she also want it to spit on my mouth as well. we did a STD testing & we had maximum fun with out any worries.

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    Looking for a couple to cuckold me it's one of my fantasy I would love to eat a creampie from a pussy or ass

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    This is a great description of cuckolding. I've been a Bull to a few couples, its been most rewarding, lots of great sex, compliant Hotwife's and appreciative Cuckolds. It helps is the Bull has a large cock, but this is not always required, some Hotwives just want extra sex. One couple allowed me to take over the marital bed, I serviced her for a couple of years, it only ended when they moved abroad. I also sometimes take the couple to fetish clubs, the Cuckolds get very excited, especially when they are denied sex. To all aspiring Bull's, enjoy, to all couples you don't know what you might be missing, so why not try a session.

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    Very knowledgeable blog for the bulls about wat to do and not ....Always wanted to be with cuck couple, but never got a chance....wish I find one soon. Tc guys

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    I have always found the word cuckold to be a bit demeaning.... Till I read these articles from bulls, I always assumed being cuckold meant you were treated derisively, with scorn...to be humiliated. I often wonder why we get so many messages from bulls, as our profile doesn't give any clue that we are cuckold (my interpretation of it). Our threesomes are for the enjoyment of all, but my husband loves to see me being pleasured and having fun ,and does join in,encourages the guy and me verbally and sexually., but as he says his fun comes afterwards, when we are alone.Maybe its time we tried a bull.

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    Wow great read perhaps that's were went wrong when looking a couple of years ago as we are new to this lifestyle of femdom/cuckolding we were looking for a buy bull as wife mistress was wanting to make me try the bi side were I was just wanting to watch her get the fuck she deserves by a well hung guy but was happy to do what ever she wanted as that's the real turn making sure she is satisfied completely

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    Any South Indian cuckold hubby here?

    kristin scott thomas played the bull on the movie bitter moon (1992)... and she didn't have a penis. okay, now I'm confused. lol

    really nice.....cuckold is always an exciting thing...i m looking to be a bull for cuckold husband and love to play wild with respect and passion

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    great article

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    Most ppl specially Men think about sex only where as cuckolding is like a family relationship with mutual respect, trust, privacy and feelings. Through my experience most cuckold husband are the guys with realistic approach who really love their wives. they bring in a Male friend in when they feel about the issue of low sex drive at their end but they love to see their wives happy. It is real and respectable relationship and true friendship, values, feelings at both ends are strong foundation to build a  building for life. The best relationship in my opinion when like minded ppl come across. I m 42 mature guy and have experience so i can tell , this is the best relationship when Guy have good heart plus good skills.

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    its passion in sex, i like cukold cpl, i have enjoyed a lot

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    good   pooint

    Cuckold hubby writing. I only agree with this article to a degree. If the bull we invite over is bi, then so be it, I can suck him hard for her or he can even use me if they want that. As for rude - I love being used verbally by both wife and bull and she loves rough sex, hair pulling, spanking, . If all parties involved talk about it beforehand and all are happy then let's not be too rigid with 'rules' ??

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    Good article good advice 

    We agree with Iceniqueen. The fun  for  my partner comes afterwards. Our friend is a naturally respectful man, but he and I do need to down  some to

    Im a cuck.and love to watch my wife.suck and fuck a big cock

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    dose anyone have any experience of a couple (MFF) cuckolding a husband?

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    Cuckolding is  not only that the husband has a low sex drive or something like that.  Husband n wife love for each other is strong n they voice out their desires frankly. It s not abnormal at all tht a wife  feel having dick in both holes n why not in mouth too lol.  A  wife /lady too can desire a male other than his husband. It s a couple 's choice n as long as they  like it...nobody  has the right to judge them.

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    Many dnt understand this..when cuckold happens,they thought the husband cnt perform n dats not true..I love my wife and I love the sight of her being pleasured and enjoying herself but most bulls dnt really understand the meaning of privacy and respect..it's hard to meet someone who can do dat but hopefully we will meet one in the near future..thanks for the article n I do sincerely hope that evry want to b bulls out there r reading or will read it..

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    Nice Article. CPLs go through my profile and contact me

    The problem with single who claim to be bull either they brag of size or how long they can be in size as their perspective is hot wife is unsatisfied lady bcoz her hubby is small or can not do. But they do not accept the fact that the hubby is looking for his wife's pleasure and fantasy 

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    We agree fully with number 3.  We've known a few who were potential stalkers from their actuations after the play.  What some bulls don't understand is that the only reason they were able to partake in the sexual act is because of the permission of the cuckold husband and not because the hotwife is into them.  Bulls should never attempt to seduce a cuckold's wife since that's the fastest way to get kicked out of the room.  They should always know their place in this game if they wish to be invited again.  As to number 5, I think this is only applicable for married couples without children.  Even if without children, Asians,(Filipinos) in particular, would almost never invite a bull to their home as it is simply not permissible in our culture.   

    Hi a few years back me and my wife decided to invite another man in to share her long time plan any way our first one giving them some one on one time seeing her suck his cock first time was hard but he slammed his cock in her pussie pounding her so hard she couldn't suck my cock he finished so quick and couldn't get it back up even after wife sucked him for a good ten minutes he just wanted to leave so devastated finished in thirty five minutes we felt cheated we wanted to try again she picked one man out meeting him in our motel he was not shy jumping on the bed with her going straight between her legs licking her pussie she was loving it orgasms followed but he took full control of her leaving no room for me not the plan wife was so infatuated with him she also lost all inhibitions and track of time they fucked solid for four hours tongue kissing even allowed him anal and he treated her near virgin arse with no respect pounding so hard making her scream first in pain then pleasure but she rode his cock meeting every thrust with him spreading her cheeks open to get in deeper giving me a full view of how much cock she was taking there always breaking the golden rule no kissing no anal never inviting me on the bed not my plan but she was so hard fucked i just let them go ? did she go to far like to hear from anyone who may have had same experience forgetting i was there am i wrong to judge her ?