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Cuckold Fun - bringing the Fantasy into Reality

A muscular, middle-aged guy comes home with one of his friends. Together, they approach his hot wife, who happens to be lying on the couch and wearing the shortest dress she owns. She forgot to wear underwear - again! The husband makes a confession: Turns out, he’s always fantasised about watching her have sex with another man. Would she consider doing so with his friend?

She gives the friend a once-over. He is even more muscular than her husband. His erection is nearly bursting out of his pants. She comments on its size, blinks innocently and asks her husband, “Are you sure this is what you want?” He nods, takes a seat and begins masturbating while his wife eagerly goes down on the other man. They proceed to have the hottest, loudest sex of her life right before her husband’s eyes.

Sound appealing?

A cuckold fetish occurs when a man becomes sexually aroused by the knowledge that his wife is having sex with another man. In some cases, this may involve him setting up the affair, but not being around while it occurs, but in other cases, he may watch or even join in. While much less common, the female version of this arrangement would be called a cuckquean fetish.

There are three types of cuckolds: the submissive, the undercover bisexual, and the voyeur. The submissive cuckold will desire seeing how much better a sex partner the other man is than himself. He may even enjoy wearing a chastity device on his penis so he can’t get off during the sexual act. The undercover bisexual gets excited, because he is allowed to explore desires whilst watching another man have sex in a safe, nonjudgmental arena. While the voyeurs get off merely by watching a man bring his wife to climax.

Good Candidates for a Cuckold Relationship

If you’re interested in having a cuckold relationship, you must be in a loving, trusting relationship, where impulses of jealousy or mistrust are not a common occurrence, because not only does your partner have to accept you having sex with others, they also need to possess a desire to watch it happen.

Bad Candidates for a Cuckold Relationship

Cuckolding is not for everyone. Many people find it hard to overcome jealousy in order to feel the pleasure of seeing their partner with another, even if they knows it is purely sexual. Some may also feel uncomfortable sharing their body with another man, even if their partner encourages it. Even the most sexually adventurous couples will realise that fantasising about bringing another person into their sexual relationship is very different from it actually happening.

Discussing Having a Cuckold Relationship with your Partner

Whispering to your partner that you want to fuck the person sitting across from you in the restaurant and then going back to eating your meal is one thing, but actually going through with it, and under the watchful gaze of you significant other is another story. If you’re interested in experiencing a cuckold relationship, it’s important to hash out all the details with your partner beforehand. Discuss the possible emotions that could come up for the both of you before, during and after the act.

In the end, entering into a cuckold relationship with your other half can be thrilling, scary and life-changing, for the right couple. Luckily, there are tons of wonderful resources online where you can research and chat with people who understand your desire to explore the fetish. Don’t feel inhibited to take a peak, you may be surprised at what you discover.

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Reviews and Comments

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love to do the act but wife a bit conservative ....

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I see same-room swapping as a form of both cuckolding and cuckqueaning as both parties have their ears cocked, listening to the exchanges between the other couple and noting squeals of enjoyment or encouragement from either party which can be re-lived by partners afterwards. This is not to say, that one should be seriously distracted by matters underway between one's self and the guest partner. However, this is all hypothetical as we are yet to imbibe.

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guys do add me... can make u happy in cuckold session... it was gr8 fun.. and enjoyment..

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what more pleasure there can be to see ur wife being pleasured by another guy better than you and ur wife njying it. i love to see my wife enjoy that and we have been doing it for quite along period

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we have had a few exciting encounters and love the thrill it brings to our relationship.

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this is definitely hot. It may take years to get ready for it. If you're in the right mood of arousal you will both love it. It
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very interesting article and great advice on the pro and cons!!!Tks

Good insight..If you’re interested in experiencing a cuckold relationship, it’s
important to hash out all the details with your partner beforehand. I'd also recommend from experience that the third party whether MMF or FFM have talked through any concerns up front 
and how concerns before, during and after are to be sensibly approached so all boundaries are respected..after all the aim is for everyone to be relaxed, themselves and to enjoy and have fun. Absolutely discuss the possible emotions that could come up for the both of you
before, during and after the act. 

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