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Cool And Inventive Sex Toys

The vibrator...pfft. Lube....pffft. But pluggs....pffft. There’s a long list of common, boring, and dare I say complacent sex toys that may well have seen the light of day. Here’s the issue: the standard vibrator may need to move out of the way, lube may well need to up-it’s game, and the butt-plug well, it could be on it’s last legs. The reason being that a new wave of inventive and fun devices are now being produced that make the standard vibrator look like the cassette player in the world of sex. Here we have for you some super sexy and tantalizing sex toys that are out now.

The Heeldo

This nifty contraption is a vibrator that is strapped to your heel. You may well laugh, but if there’s one of you and 3 women, you’ve got issues. At least with one of these you can keep the peace.

Google Glasses

Ok, so Google has stopped you downloading through them, but that’s not to stop you from making your own. Check this video out.

We Vibe

Move over boring vibrator for the next generation of stimulant. The We Vibe offers the ability to vibrate and stimulate the inside of a ladies G-spot, externally vibrate on a ladies clitoris, and also allow a woman to have sex with her partner, all at the same time! Now this is what we’re talking about. Released in America it may well be heading in the direction of the UK anytime soon.

It might take a bit of digging but if you invest in a bit of searching around then you will discover some great sex toys that are available today. So keep your sex life fresh with these new ideas, and remember, if you do need to entertain more than one partner that there are solutions out there to your dilemma that can help you nail it in one round.

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