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Clothing to feminise your features for T-Girls and TVs

For T-Girls everywhere, a major obstacle that they can come across when feminising themselves is their figure. Most T-Girls find that their upper-half can be a big giveaway, broad shoulders, waist and chest are features due to testosterone so these can seem hard to disguise. Nonetheless, there is a few things you can do to adapt your clothing so that it detracts from the masculine and compliments your more feminine features. Here’s a few tips for feeling great in your skin and the clothes you’re wearing.

  • Wear lighter colours on your bottom half and darker on the top, this balances out your body shape by highlighting the narrower half of your body and making the upper half appear slimmer due to the darker colour.
  • Look for tops that are ruched at the waist, these trick the eye into seeing the waist as smaller than what it is.
  • Choose tops that have a V-neck and opt for ones with lower neckline as this detracts attention away from the shoulders and toward the bust area instead.
  • Tailored clothes or those with a tie at the waist are great for creating a waistline and hiding unwanted belly.
  • High-waisted pants or skirts can really help create enhance a silhouette and hide any tummy fat that you may be conscious about.
  • Avoid garishly bright colours that will attract attention to your mid-section, if you want to something high-colour do so with your accessories.
  • Stay away from anything that has layers around your stomach area, you don’t need any extra volume here, if you’re going for something with layers or frills make sure it’s on your lower half as this will also help balance out the appearance of your chest to hip ratio.
  • Look for tops that sit just above your hipbone should you be wearing them with leggings or pants.
  • Dodge anything with horizontal lines as they will create the appearance of that area being wider than it is. Vertical lines will do the opposite and create a slimming effect so if you did want to slim down your legs a bit, a pinstripe skirt could just do the trick.
  • There’s so many ways to feminise your gorgeous bod using the magic touch of the right outfit so remember these tips and treat yourself to a new wardrobe that makes you feel a bit more like you!

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    I'm a t girl
    Love it

    Thanks I will try this out!

    Love it soo true

    My woman wants me to fuck a guy in front of her and then we fuck her. I'm too straight so I need to find a cute feminine smooth tranny. Help me out!

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    Tuseful advice
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    Love to be fuck by a ts 

    I like cute tops that hang from my fake tits, I look sexy af like there's no belly lol