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Buying Something Different For Your Underwear Drawer

Want something to wear which is a little different from the norm and will cater to your specific tastes and needs? Try one of these kinky underwear ideas and spice up not just your sex life, but the rest of your life.


Want something with a kick? Or should we say buzz. Try some vibrating knickers, they come with a remote control so your partner can turn you on when they choose. Imagine sitting at the table of your work’s fancy dinner party when suddenly you feel an uncontrollably fantastic sensation creep on you. You could make it into a game, trying out all the different places where you can keep your euphoric bliss under wraps.


So you want to show off your figure whilst leaving something to the imagination? How about a catsuit? Imagine the shine of the PVC against your curves or the wet-look against the bulge of your manhood, it’ll drive them crazy!

Dress It Up

How about roleplaying with your partner using fetish masks, pretending you’re strangers that catch each other’s eyes across the room at some lavish ballroom do. You can’t full see one another’s face, just the hungry look in their eyes as they gaze upon you.

Open To Anything

Into corporal punishment for pleasure? Try a spanking skirt, which leaves a gap wide open for someone to teach you a lesson and deliver you a good smack to your bottom. Then if you’re a fan of nipple-play give an open bra a go, the bra will support whilst allowing easy access to the nipples for clamps, stimulation etc.

Very Handy

A very simple way to hot up your bedroom dressage is to wear some fetish gloves, they scream an air of authority and can make the difference between in-charge and shrinking violet.

Give one of these kinky additions to your underwear drawer a go and just see how much difference that one little change can make to your confidence and sex life!

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