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Book Yourself a Lifestyle Cruise

Now, you may have already booked yourself a trip away for the summer to escape the routine slog of day-to-day life but if you’re still looking for some ideas for the near future or just something to look forward to a bit further afield on your calendar, we may have a fantastic idea for you! You remember that sexy party where everyone was naked and having endless fun with one another’s bodies? Whether that was a real-life scenario or just a daydream, imagine that situation but...on a luxurious cruise ship in the sun! Is this pricking your ears and starting to sound like your holiday cup of tea? You’re not hallucinating and selectively mis-reading sentences, your eyes do not deceive you so read on my friend.

From A To Vanilla

Some ‘lifestyle’ cruise ships are solely for nudists, swingers and members of the ‘lifestyle’, whilst some will have designated areas for nudity, play etc. and will boast a mixture of vanilla people to veteran lifestyle enthusiasts. You will find these ships are much like your average, luxurious cruise ship apart from the dedicated lifestyle areas and naked people of course!

No Matter How Randy, Observe The Rules

There are, as with everything, rules that you must adhere to and etiquette you are expected to uphold. For instance, a swinger cruise is no different than your standard home-owner hosted party or swing club scenario. You wouldn’t touch anyone without asking there, on the seven seas is no exception. Apply common courtesy and ask for someone’s permission before attempting anything. If they decline, then no means no, even more-so on a lifestyle cruise ship. This also applies to staff, propositioning staff is a massive no-no! Rude, aggressive and general negative behavior is not tolerated on these floating establishments and you may find yourself turfed out onto the nearest port WITHOUT a refund of any form should you get into their bad books.

What To Do..Other Than The Sexy People

Should you fancy taking us up on one of these cruises, where would you head off to? Well anywhere you like really. There’s everywhere from Asia to The Americas up for a sexy-sailing with these larger-than-life bonking boats. What can you do when you dock? Well on the off chance that you’re feeling like doing something a little different to jumping peoples’ bones and playing in the vast steamy quarters a lifestyle cruise ship provides, there’s a ton of things these companies set up for people to entertain them like seminars on sex, relationships etc., clothing-optional parties and themed nights. Not forgetting an array of other things like casinos and fancy ballroom do’s, yeah you do have to wear clothes now and again!

So for a holiday with a difference where there’s no need to hunt down ideal places for outdoor sex or weed out other swingers from the vanillas as they’re all in one place!

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I want in please.

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Sign me up sounds like the perfect Vk

YES can a single male go on these cruises

How do u find these holidays?

i'm ready to sign up

not worth the money..you only find a few people into this.....normal holidays are better and easier to find wot you are looking for

interesting how can we join this cruise

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Amazing...if it is real ..amazing...

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looks like we are going to need a bigger boat

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