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Big Beautiful Women Have Boring Sex? Fat Chance!

When you are a larger lady, certain sex positions can sometimes be boring, either that or make you feel like you need the qualifications of a gymnast. So with the average clothes size of women in the UK currently being a 16/18 and more BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) out there, what better time to tell you how you can make these 5 simple positions rock your world, whatever your particulars.


You might think that missionary can be quite a snooze-fest but, with a couple of pillows under your bum, you can easily adapt this position and find your angle for perfect penetration. Not only do the pillows give you support, but your raised pelvis means some seriously sweet G Spot tickling! For a bit of extra kink, put your feet either side of your partner and bring your knees up to push lightly against his chest. That feeling of you trying to resist a little - he will love it!

Doggy Style

This position feels great for both of you and perfect if you are a little belly conscious. He will adore admiring your voluptuous curves as he enters you from behind. To make it better, lift yourself upwards and lean back so he can enjoy the rest of your body (very enjoyable for you too we might add). If that doesn’t feel comfortable, lean forward and stretch yourself out like a cat by lowering your chest so your shoulders are at a level lower than your waist. He will get a thrill seeing your elongated body and you will feel like a sex kitten.

Girl On Top

Sometimes quite uncomfortable if you are plus sized but there are two tricks that make this position look and feel amazing. There is no rulebook that says you need to stay upright like a porn star. Simply lean back. Tilt your body backwards and hold his ankles for extra support, Doing this makes your boobs look incredible and really shows off your body to your partner. Wanna kink it up? Lean forwards instead to give your man a real eyeful and to support yourself on your hands. For being daring you may be rewarded with a few extra naughty nibbles.

Stand and Deliver

Sex standing up can lead to some of the most intense orgasms. This versatile position means you can face towards or away from each other. Stand on your tip-toes, grab on to a piece of furniture and away you go. Kink it up by wearing a pair of killer heels to make you feel like a goddess or, if you are feeling your inner voyeur, get busy in front of a mirror. Great if your partner is behind you so you can still give each other naughty looks.

Side Winder

A harder position but definitely worth the extra effort, resulting in your man doing all the graft and you enjoying every thrust. Lay on your side (using some pillows for comfort if you wish) and, keeping one leg in line with your body, lift the other into the air. Rest your lifted leg on your partner’s shoulder as he enters you and then lose yourself in the motions. It’s an all round win with you laying back and enjoying the show as he gets off on being in total control.

So, whatever your size, get comfortable, get creative and get sexin’!

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