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Beginning With Bondage

Bondage is not just for the BDSM lovers out there, it’s for anyone who wants to add a bit of spice to their relationship. Bondage may be a factor of BDSM but the belief that it is only used during a BDSM setting is a misconception, however it can be a gentle introduction into the BDSM lifestyle. Here’s our guide to beginner’s bondage.

Who, What, Where?

You need to discuss what you want out of bondage with your partner, is taking over your kind of thing and they want to surrender to you? Or perhaps you both like the thought of being tied up and taken advantage of, in which case you need to take it in turns? Where will your kinky play take place? The bedroom? The kitchen? Your back garden? What will you use for creating the knots? You need to prepare for everything, not only to make sure you get the most out of your kinky time but also to keep yourselves safe.

Think Safe Before You Get Sexy

Be particularly careful on deciding on where to have your fun. Tying them up in a steamy shower could be fantastically erotic but their hands are no longer free to catch and balance themselves. Your kitchen floor could be a majorly horny place to get down to it but there’s the obvious of sharp, heavy utensils, moving drawers and countless other dangerous items in your kitchen, well not just your kitchen but every room. So survey everything and safe-proof everything before having your fun as you will be at a disadvantage with one of you tied up and unable to do move out of the way or control their environment.

Get The Feel Of It

The material you use is best kept as something soft, flexible and easily accessible for starting out. You might want to go full on and buy a bunch of rope to hogtie your partner with but you need to transition into it before you get that stage. Something you have at home like a tie or stockings are perfect for beginners’ bondage as they’re forgiving on skin and you already have them so if you’re not keen on tying one another up after trying it, you haven’t wasted any money. Then even if it feels comfy once you’ve tied them up in big, thick rope, you need to take into account that you’re not going to be staying still for the whole time. Chances are, there’s going to be some back and forth movement which with a tough material like rope on skin that isn’t used to such treatment is going to cause some injuries. Also try not to use anything of value to tie them up just in case of the case of an emergency where you need to cut their ties in a hurry.

Bondage can be great fun, it gives extra sensation to the person tied up as their body is producing extra adrenaline as a natural response to being strained. Even though they’ve chosen this, it’s what humans have evolved to do when suddenly out of control of their own body. So more adrenaline, more blood rushing to the genitals and erogenous areas, fantastic sex. Now that we’ve given you the science behind it and the theory, go do the practical work.

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Reviews and Comments

Oh my, yes please!....this is easier said than done as a single guy as trust is paramount.... Mmmmmmm, guess it's just a fantasy for me again! X

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think u need to get to no the person alittle b4 u go letting em ty u up.build trust!

I want try it

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I've tied a few ladies up and also been tied up by some of those and i'd also suggest a blindfold to add to the sensation of being at the mercy of the other person. I've particularly found that when my wrists and ankles have been tied "star shaped" to the corners of the bed and blindfolded, the feeling of oral sex is so much more intense as is also, when she uses feathers, the edge of a condom packet or anything else on my skin.

Just ensure that you always have a pair of scissors handy to cut the rope in case of cramp or emergency and you can't untie the bonds quickly enough.

I love having no control

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I always play it safe with soft materials. It's a mental game so the idea of bandage is in the mind mainly and my victim is helpless for me to ravish as I please. She is free to cut out as she pleases.

For me...I like to think that I got my sub under control. A hard pounding and my nadty instructions to get compliance compensates for the chains loss until trust is built.

add blindfolds etc... Endorphin rushes are up there too