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Are You Dogging, Flirting, Blogging and Snogging?

Things are hotting up on the site and we have never been busier as thousands upon thousands of UK adults start thinking about flirting, blogging, snogging and dogging: after all, these four terms actually have a lot in common.

The Adult Hub is all about flirting with other horny UK adults, then hooking up and kissing them (snogging), going to a romantic spot for some wild outdoor sex (dogging) and then writing the details your adventure (blogging).

An Adult site is a safe and secure way to make new dogging contacts and then to meet up for snogging fun and dogging sex. Members of an adult site can also use their special features to interact with other doggers and swingers who live in their region. These features are things like email, blogs, forums and chat rooms. Becoming a member of an adult site won't cost you anything as standard membership is free and you can always upgrade to premium membership at a later stage.

Dogging vs Blogging

It is common knowledge that British adults indulge in dogging more than any other adults in the world. This fact was confirmed when a survey was done with British hairdressers, taxi drivers and pub landlords about the terms "blogging" and "dogging".

The research found that more UK adults knew what dogging is than blogging. Seven out of 10 people didn't know what a blog or the term "blogging" was. In contrast to this four of 10 UK adults knew what dogging was. Sarah Carter who is the planning director at the ad firm DDB London said: "when I asked the panel whether people were talking about blogging, they thought I meant dogging". It's a shame that British people aren't more tech savvy because they can use technology like blogging to satisfy their dogging needs, which they obviously have a lot of.

Adults who don't like using the internet to meet other doggers rely on word-of-mouth to find out about England dogging spots in their area. Many times this method is more a miss than a hit as the information about the dogging spots is outdated. Online dogging sites constantly update their dogging database and they also add new dogging spots. The two terms - blogging and dogging, does go hand-in-hand and if more dogging adults learned how to blog on adult sites, then it would also benefit the dogging community.

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Any Irish ladies out there seeking some fun times ? http://www.theadulthub.com/images/adult/emoticons/012.gif

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Im jusst here looking for an experience discreetly if possible xx

Canada is doing pretty good in this department as well.  looking to start a nice adult meeting club in my area any suggestions would be appreciated Peterborough ON