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Alternative Sub Genres of Porn

You think you’ve seen the lot, all the dirtiest and most obscene types of porn there is to see, got the t-shirt and maybe even bought some shares you know the porn landscape so well. There may however be a few you haven’t stumbled across yet, or you have heard of but haven’t got round to watching (or perhaps haven’t had the stomach to check it out).

Mother & Daughter

This usually depicts a younger and older woman, most of the time the elder is representing the younger actress’ mother and well yeah, mum and her daughter get a little bit lesbian...


We hope you aren’t eating your lunch whilst reading this or have a constitution strong enough to hold it down, if not look away now. Scat is a form of porn, where the theme is fecal matter. This can mean the actors simply smothering themselves in one another’s waste, to consuming it. An infamous example of scat would be the infamous ‘2 Girls 1 Cup’.

Tentacle Erotica

This bizarre sub genre of adult movies is mostly reserved to Japanese hentai, as obviously it would technically be a form of bestiality yet should a real person be interacting with any live creature in this manner.Yet numerous tentacle related sex vids can be found on the internet. This is not a new concept though, sea creature to human relations have been depicted within Japanese erotica for centuries.


If you’re into preggo porn, you’re enjoying watching pregnant woman having sex for the camera. These women are sometimes in the later stages of their pregnancy and lactating, which is also part of some the attraction for preggo watchers.

Maybe we’ve unearthed a few types of x rated films that you’ve never witnessed, or want to in the future. Either way, chances are you aren’t gonna find these sub genres on your hotel room’s movie rental list!

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Yall look real good to gather. I wish I could b in between yall

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It's all a form of fantasy really. Spread the genres widely enough and you're bound to find something to cover all tastes.
The Japanese porn industry is arguably the most inventive and extensive in the world. UK people would probably think that many of the genres/scenarios are too "far out", but here in Japan (with a population double that of the UK), there are enough people (and tastes) to keep business booming :-) One of the genres is so-called "roman-porno" (romatic porn), in the form of full-length (60 mins plus) features that tell "stories". Much of it can be quite tasteful, but it always ends in explicit sex for the protagonist. Other leading genres include "mother-son sex" (sic; for some reason this is a big theme in Japanese porn), "breast milk sex", "office lady/secretary sex" (involving office uniforms of course), and (as you might expect) "bondage sex", as they seem to have more or less invented that over here :-) Another interesting aspect is that there are quite a few "senior" porn actresses and actors to cater for tastes in "nurses getting it on with nursing home residents" or "young repair men getting it on with older lonely ladies". Not all of the people involved are young, ripped and tattooed :-) I think this appeals more to ordinary people in everyday situations (unlike American porn).

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