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5 Wild Sex Party Shindigs To Make You A Swinging Legend!

The thought of having a sex party can seem exciting and scary at the same time. For most of us, the idea of a sex party always seem fascinating and taboo, like something we shouldn’t do, but yet want to! It’s just like skinny dipping. What’s so great about jumping into a pool of water with no clothes on, surrounded by friends? The concept sounds crazy. But the sexual high it gives, well, that’s a big kinky rush, isn’t it?

Let’s get wilder and dive into the horny world of crazy sex parties! Here are 5 types of sexy shindig you can have at home, really make a splash with your guests and become a sexy party legend.


ABC parties are a really safe way to test the waters. You can dress up in anything you want, as long as you’re not wearing clothes. Plastic sheets, duct tapes, boxes, or anything that makes you look sexy and trashy at the same time are perfect attire for this kind of party. Anything but clothes parties are fun, and watching several other people dance around in attire that almost always falls off or reveals far too much can be a laugh and a loin arouser at the same time! Add a few cocktails and mixers, and the night will end with several people in bed.


Everyone dresses up as their favourite fictional character. You can even pick a theme like porn stars, anime characters, etc. But the only catch is that the attire has to be the sexiest outfit worn by the character. As long as everyone’s game for fun and not being prudish about the attire, the dance floor would be full of skimpily dressed people who’re just looking forward to a night of wild fun.


You know the rules of a typical seven minutes in heaven game. A couple is randomly chosen after spinning a bottle on the floor, and the two of them get locked in a closet for seven minutes. But in this new couple’s version of the game, the couples sit together and spin the bottle. And two couples are selected to go into a tight space like a small bathroom and the lights are turned off. It may feel awkward for the first few minutes, but the pitch darkness will bring out the sexy side in no time! And if there are singles present at the party, the game could involve one couple and one single with each spin of the bottle.


This is a customisable party that can be planned depending on how you want it. If you have a few televisions at home, play a different porn movie in each television that’s placed in different rooms or in different parts of a big room. If you want something more cosy, invite a few friends over, share a few drinks together, and call all your friends into a room that’s cleared of all the furniture. Spread mattresses and blankets all over the floor of the room, turn off the lights and play a porn movie. The first fifteen minutes may seem tame, but wait a while, and the room will seem like it’s riding a wave of sexual frenzy.


This is the biggest and the wildest kind of sexual party you can have, unless you’re talking kinky. But it’s also something most people aren’t comfortable with. If you and your partner are interested in having a full blown orgy with several other couples, then this may be the perfect answer for you. When you participate in an orgy, the sexual energy created in a room full of people indulging in sexual activities will definitely give you an orgasmic high *only if you’re into orgies*. And if you want to enjoy a roman orgy sex party, make sure you carry a lot of protection, especially if you and your lover are planning to stay up the whole night.

These 5 wild types of sex parties are great ways to test your sexual boundaries, and make sex more exciting. You can start slow with the first few and work your way down to the bolder ones if you’re left gasping for more! Enjoy!

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Brill luv it

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like the roman orgy concept, but a toga-party, so basically everyone is wearing nothing but a sheet and a belt. ;) guaranteed fun.

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Like and love

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Where r any of these and when pls

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orgie party

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They all sound like good nights hopefully will get to try some of these both as hosts and guests

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like to orgy party

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Hong Kong swingers or realy hot amd beautyful ladys????

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What is roman orgy

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Yep, just what the doctor ordered!

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Wel I would like to go  defffo 

Will be holding a swingers party towards the end of February.  In a private house . The party will be held near cordoba south spain. Its for couples and single women only. Sorry single guys.  Will post on the site when we have a date. I&J.xxx

Porn parties sound great.

I want kiss pussy

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