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5 CBT Methods that Will Have You Hanging on to Your Love Spuds

So, you've decided to grow a pair and give CBT a go? Well, now you have your mind set upon grabbing your genital tormenting aspirations by the balls, you are unlikely to be disappointed. A little flick can cause a LOT of pain, however there are many ways in which you can wreak havoc on your partner’s stick and giggleberries. Just take a look at a few of them below.

Sensation / Temperature Play

This is what begins to separate the men from the boys. Why not introduce some of this play to your titillating torment? You may wish to combine this with genital bondage or testicle cuffs so that your victim’s bits and pieces are super sensitive to every sadistic stroke. Try dripping some specialist wax onto those sensitive spots, running a Wartenberg wheel over some areas, or even try some tickle torture. Alternatively give your sub some cool sensations with ice, and cold metal objects placed on his manhood.

Genital Bondage

With some delicate weaves and knots, there is no reason CBT can’t be pretty! Not only does binding the balls heighten sensitivity, it also hinders orgasm, making it the perfect practice for the ultimate tease and denial. Once the twins are bound, the exposed areas will be tight and extremely sensitive. Mummification of the penis is a popular choice for making an erection an uncomfortable prospect. Be careful not to bind too tightly, you don’t want to damage that precious package permanently.

Ball Crushing

If this is your only ‘vice’ it’s certainly an enjoyable one to have! A ball crusher is a device designed to gradually squeeze the testicles with the turn of a screw or nut. It’s up to the dominant to decide how much pressure a sub is to endure. You can also use your foot to obtain a similar effect, whether bare, wearing army boots, (ooh er!) or even whilst wearing spiked stiletto heels (covers groin) if you’d rather not play with toys.

Ball Stretching

It’s no stretch of the imagination to say that this is the perfect punishment when it comes to a bit of ‘genitorment’. A ball stretcher gradually applies pressure to the scrotum pulling it downwards and away from the body. In addition, when attached it will stop those naughty, hairy space hoppers from doing a disappearing act until you’re done. Feeling extra mean, oh dominant one? Try tugging gently on the weights! Mwahahahahahaha!

Ball Busting

Ever heard the saying: ‘Dude, she’s a real ball buster!” Well, this gives an all new, literal meaning to the phrase! Ball busting, or ‘bb’ for short, refers to the act of kicking, kneeing or punching a man in the testicles. Unfortunately (well, fortunately, I guess), in this sort of activity the balls are not made of steel, so it can hurt kind of a lot. This particular form of CBT originates in Japan, where it is referred to as Tamakeri.

Although testicles are actually more resilient than you think, and you know what they say - “no pain, no gain”, just make sure you always follow safety. Be careful with those family jewels, they can’t be replaced!

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what is mind... no matter... what is matter... never mind..... and then comes no pain ... no gain.... only to put us to the mutually painful conclusion.... only pain is gainsome ....there needs to be a emoticon for this

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What about the smell of a woman’s day old pussy, this always gives a boost to my cock.

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We absolutely love having my bits bound with my balls well separated and tortured with a wartenberg wheel while I am spread-eagled and cuffed to the bed - just fantastic BDSM fun

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Been into cbt for a long while.Love having my balls stretched.Have had up to 20lbs hanging on them.I'll have to get a crusher,see how much of that I can take.

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cbt and ballbusting is what I'm into experimenting with at the moment ??

into cbt as well new to it but have done hot wax ropes snap traps clothes pins