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3 Shapewear Secrets For the Feminine Curves You Desire

One of the best things about being a woman is having CURVES galore!

But maybe you’re wondering…It is really possible to look like an hourglass if you’re built like a rectangle or an apple?

The answer is YES!

Keep reading to learn how to slim your waist and enhance your feminine curves.

Lay the Foundations

Smartening up the midriff and camouflaging the extra bits starts with standard issue shapewear If you have a chubby belly, you might benefit from choosing a high waisted version which will have the effect of driving your waistline up an inch or two, vastly improving your silhouette and the drape of your dresses and skirts. The boy-short cut will nest well on your upper thigh and ensure that everything stays well and comfortably tucked in place.

Add What You Weren’t Gifted

Now with your best possible arrangement of what you were born with, you can effectively add what you were not destined to have: shape at the hips and derrière. For many, the essential garment is the 4-pad girdle. To find these specialty items, an online booty-call is encouraged. Many online companies stock a good assortment of well-built, durable and effective shaping aids. The 4-pad girdle is a good investment piece. If you wear the shapewear under-layer, and if you take the care to hand-launder this item (with the foam pads removed) you can expect to get a lot of wears out of it. Hips and glutes for a few extra pounds? Yes, you are worth it.

If you have not worn a padded girdle before, you will gasp when you see your shape beneath a clingy dress for the first time. This additional layer would turn Gwyneth Paltrow into Beyonce (well not quite, but you get the idea). Highly recommended.

Sleek and Smooth

With your foundation graded and smoothed, with the exterior built up to epic feminine proportions, a finishing layer is required. Padding can shift, and seams may be visible at this point, so locking it all down for the night is key. One is never fully dressed until the legs are gleaming, so choose the correct sheers or tights for the outfit, and opt for the control top version. The waistline should comfortably match or run higher than the layers beneath. The panty reinforcement should run down the thigh to cover the girdle below, but never so far down that it may peek out from beneath your skirt. Any unnatural bumpiness will be smoothed out here, and the various layers will harmonise and sing from the same swaying songbook.

Bonus Tip

Make sure you consult size charts carefully, and make good use of your tape measure. If your dimensions are borderline on the pantyhose, go to the larger size – the hosiery will be less prone to runs. If you are borderline on the shapewear, go for the smaller size – the fabric will expand, and rebound nicely after a good hand washing.

Amplify the look by pulling on the sexiest shoes you can comfortably go about your pretty business in. And lastly, don’t fight your new walk, work it. Your new shape will smarten your posture and encourage you to slowly, easily bring your lead leg around and to use your hips to full feminine effect. You should feel the movement within your dress, and notice that the hem of a well-made dress or skirt is perfectly level from front to back. With your shoulders back, your belly in, and your heels propelling you gracefully forward, you will not only have the shape you want, but the shape that many ladies want too.

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