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Under new ownership, Townhouse has enjoyed swinging success since 2005 and is about to go through a full refurbishment. Already members are noticing a positive change in the club and we are welcoming back old members as well as new.
The club is spotlessly clean with a warm and friendly atmosphere. We enjoy a relaxed approach to swinging which is ideal for new swingers as well as established swingers who feel intimidated by the 'full on' expectancy from other venues.
We do not expect a 'dress down' on arrival and in the bar areas, members can wear whatever they wish. Dress down is appreciated in the play rooms after 11pm.
The venue does not have an alcohol licence to keep costs down for members and we welcome you bringing your own alcohol. We offer towels and condoms free off charge and have showers/toilets on all 3 floors and a large changing room with lockers.
We have a fabulous hot tub and sauna area which is cleaned every night. For our smokers we have a heated outdoor smoking area with tables and chairs and dressing gowns are provided for your comfort.

We are open 8:30pm to 3am weds – sat and 5pm to midnight on a sunday

Facilities include:-

Large, secure car parking
Bar and social lounge area
Dance floor
Lounge with free pool table
Changing/locker room, 3 separate showers
Eight playrooms, love swing
2 x dungeon rooms with kneeling bench, bondage bed, A-frame and medical bed. We have cages, a St Andrews cross, a suspension point for rope work, queening stool, stocks and spanking horse in other parts of the club.


Weds – Greedy Girls/Mixed swinging event £10 entry for couples, £5 females and £30 single males
Thurs – Couples events, private hire, greedy girl afternoons and Tgirl events ….see website for info
Fri - 1st & 3rd fri Fetish/BDSM, 2nd fri new swingers, 4th fri mixed swinging event
Sat – Party events and mixed swinging events – see website for info.
Sun – Over 50's events and socials – see website for info.

We offer the club for private hire and for photography hire. Please contact us for details on the number above.  

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Club Information
E-mail vicky@townhouseinternational.co.uk
Phone 0151 645 3552
Zip CH42 3TL

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Reviews and Comments

Great club, the staff are very accommodating and friendly. The couples in there were very hot. Its clean, loads of space to play and just amazing.

would love to go but don know what to do

Been a few times for the TGirls evening, always had a fab time! The owners/staff & all attending are very friendly and welcoming. Being pretty quiet myself I sometimes struggle getting to know people but very relaxed here. Good venue for socialising with also the option of using one of the bedrooms or one of the very well equipped play rooms.

i would lobve to oblige

I would like to go, anyone 30 yr old gentleman would like to take me there? When are the parties usually on and what time ?

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Any one wanna go with me x

I, really interested in going this venue. Reading these reviews appeals it to me, hope there is no clique atmosphere though.

Is this on every week?

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I have been to the club both as a single guy attending a greedy girl night and also a couple taking a lady for some gentleman pleasure.

On both occasions found the hosts to be very hospitable and made me feel welcome. The greedy girl night was a bit too much, a bit of a rat race really as I like to have one on one fun really. When I took a lady friend she loved it and I loved watching her love it lol.

Would like to go as a couple again, just need to find the right lady.


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very nice, friendly club. Looking forward to going again soon.

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cant wait to go to this club!!!! sooooo excited x

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I think it is a very good venue, now they have the hot tub and sauna going. I found it quite cliquey, I have had problems socially when men ask me openly what I was into & did I want sex with them or to play with them.
I am a post op transsexual woman but men should show us respect just like every one else and not treat us like a whores. Many transsexuals become asexual, or lesbians like myself but men but seems men had already made up their minds that all transsexuals what a man well they would wouldn't they and seem to me no changing that.

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I think it is a very good venue, now they have the hot tub and sauna going. I cannot comment on how other people find it cliquey, but I have never had problems talking to other people socially as opposed to in preparation for play.

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i have been with an ex, but a long time a go loved it, and would love to go back with any ladys or couples

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Went at the weekend. Lovely place, but just too many pretty young things only concerned with showing off their bodies, and too few real people. Have been before and was good, but this time just too cliquey. My complaints are not about the place, but the people there on the night.

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Only been once, but very impressed. Great facilities and lovely atmosphere.

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great club great events I love going there not just for the swinging nigths but for the bdsm nights too
they have something for everyone!

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brill one of the most chilled out swinging enviroments

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